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    SECTION 18. Power to Generate and Apply Resources

    Local government units shall have the power and authority to establish an organization that shall be responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of their development plans, program objectives and priorities; to create their own sources of revenue and to levy taxes, fees, and charges which shall accrue exclusively for their use and disposition and which shall be retained by them; to have a just share in national taxes which shall be automatically and directly released to them without need of any further action; to have an equitable share in the proceeds from the utilization and development of the national wealth and resources within their respective territorial jurisdictions including sharing the same with the inhabitants by way of direct benefits; to acquire, develop, lease, encumber, alienate, or otherwise dispose of real or personal property held by them in their proprietary capacity and to apply their resources and assets for productive, developmental, or welfare purposes, in the exercise or furtherance of their governmental or proprietary powers and functions and thereby ensure their development into self-reliant communities and active participants in the attainment of national goals.

    Power and Responsibilities

    • Supervise the implementation of programs and projects carried out by the provincial government.
    • Oversee the enforcement of laws and ordinances that affect the province
    • Initiate and maximize revenue generation for the province
    • Initiate and maximize the use of resources in the implementation of programs and projects for the benefit of his/her constituents
    • Ensure the delivery of basic services and the provision of adequate facilities for constituents
    • Oversee the implementation of the provincial development plan