Transparency at all levels

The Cebu Provincial Government maintains that procedures, as provided for in R.A. 9184 or the Procurement Law, were strictly followed in the bidding for a security provider.

The bidding was done in a very open and transparent manner, putting all the prospective suppliers on equal footing.

To recall, the security services contract of Tactical Security Agency with the Provincial Government expired on May 31, 2014.

With the impending expiry of the contract, the Provincial Government called for bids for a security services provider. At the start, five security agencies submitted bids. These were Davao Cavaliers Security Agency, Care Best Security Agency, Tactical Security Agency, Black Pearl Security Agency and GDS Security and Detective Agency. Davao Cavaliers and Care Best were disqualified due to defects in their eligibility documents submitted. The Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) then proceeded to evaluate the financial proposal of the three remaining bidders – Tactical, Black Pearl and GDS.

After opening the respective financial proposals of the three agencies, it turned out that they have identical bid offers. Faced with this situation, the BAC, headed by Provincial Legal Officer Orvi Ortega initiated an executive session and agreed on a process to break the deadlock. The BAC then decided to refer to the Terms of Reference (TOR), to seek valid and non-discriminatory measures to break the tie.

After a thorough and transparent process, Black Pearl Security Agency came up with the best offer.

The Procurement Law does not provide procedures in breaking a tie. It was thus incumbent on BAC to adopt valid and non-discriminatory measures to break the tie.

After a careful scrutiny of the three remaining bidders’ offer, Black Pearl’s offer came out as the most beneficial to the provincial government.

The bidding process was conducted above board. This administration is serious and sincere in promoting good governance in the provincial government. Transparency and accountability must be observed at all times in all its dealings.

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