Capitol pond harvests 300 kilos of bangus

The Cebu Provincial Government harvested more than 300 kilos of bangus in its fishery farm in Barangay Pandacan, municipality of Pinamungahan last October 24.

An estimated 600 kilos more of bangus are due for harvest next week. But the management said they can no longer hit their harvest target of seven tons for this year.

Provincial Board Member Grecilda Sanchez who chaired the committee on budget is reportedly set to visit the farm during the next harvest.

The harvest is sold to local fish dealers for Php 100. The market price for a kilo of bangus is pegged at Php 130 to Php 160 in the town market, depending on the local market supply of fish.

The harvest is far below the expected production of the said pond, which was filled with 3,000 bangus fry. But the warm temperature in April and May may have affected the mortality of the stock, said the management.

The Cebu Provincial Aquatic Development Center (CPADC) was previously owned by the Bureau of Fishery and Aquatic Resources (BFAR). It was turned over to the province in 1993 and functioned as training center and support facility to local aquaculture industry.

CPADC Chief Joefrey Merencillo said the program was not sustained due to the movement of personnel. Currently, the farm is used as fishery production facility. It has seven production ponds.

However, the facility is under-utilized with its full loading potential was not maximized due to the delay of the supplies, especially with its fry and feed needs.

He said around Php 1 million was allotted for its annual operating cost, which covers the purchase of farm inputs and feeds for the pond this year and other operating expenses. But only 10,000 fingerlings and 7,000 frys arrived since April and May, which are only good for two ponds.

Merencillo said 75,000 bangus fry are coming with a projected harvest of 8.5 tons. But they are already short of their annual target since they projected it to be harvested come next year yet.

Merencillo said he will open up the situation of the facility to Sanchez if and when she comes to the farm to witness the harvest.

He said the local fish farmers are asking him to revert the facility back to its original purpose as a fry or fingerling distribution (FDF) facility not as a fish production site that competes with local fish growers.

“In our other agriculture facilities, we grow seeds into seedlings in order to distribute. We should do the same here, so we can help our local fish farmers with its fingerling needs” said Merencillo.

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