Re-Neg. No. N18-04-06: Supply and Delivery of One (1) unit Rescue/ Evacuation Truck for use of the Municipality of Tudela, Camotes Island, Cebu

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Republic of the Philippines
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City




For the procurement of One (1) unit RESCUE / EVACUATION TRUCK.


In view of two (2) failed biddings, the Province of Cebu thru its Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)invites interested bidders for a Negotiation and to submit bids/quotations for the hereunder requirements, viz:


Neg. Control Number No. Qty unit Item Description ABC (Php) Purpose
N18-04-06   (ref: Adv. No. 17-148) (2ND)


1 1 unit RESCUE / EVACUATION TRUCK 2,350,000.00



For use of Municipality of Tudela, Camotes Island, Cebu.



Insurance with AOG 1 Yr.: Free

CTPL Insurance 3 Yrs.:           Free

LTO 3 Years Registration: Free Engine

Engine Type :         Diesel, 4 cylinder In-line, OHC Turbo Charged with Intercooler & Common-rail

Fuel Injection system EURO2

Bore and Stroke (mm):  115×125 Max.Output KW(PS)/rpm(ISO Gr.): 154(210)/2600

Max.Torque N-m(Km-m) rpm (ISO Gr.): 637(65_/1600

Compressed Ration : 17.5

Air Cleaner:  Dry Element, Water Proof Vertical air Intake behind

the Cab

Fuel Tank Capacity (Liter): 200L Steel Frame Mounted


Type: 6 speed, overdrive, Manual Transmission

Gear Ratio:

1st          6.615

2nd        4.095

3rd         2.359

4th         1.532

5th         1

6th         0.722

reverse  6.615

final gear ratio      4.875

Weight-Cab and Chassis:     

 GVM (kg) 10,600

Front (kg) 2,000

Rear (kg) 1,150

total (kg) 3,150

Payload (kg) 7,450


 Max. Gradeability (tanO): 40

Max. Speed (km/h): 128

Transmission Ratio (1st/Top):  6.615/0.722


Min. Turning Radius (mm) 7,250

OAL (mm) 7,875

WB (mm) 4,660

FOH (mm) 1,170

ROH (mm) 2,045

CE (mm) 6,150

CA (mm) 4,105

OW (mm) 2,200

AW (mm) 1,790

BW (mm) 2,165

CW (mm) 1,660

OH (mm) 2,540

HH Approx. (mm) 190

EH Approx. (mm    1,150






Type:    Dry Single Plate, Hydraulic Control with Cushioning Spring

size (outside diameter) (mm): 380

Tire and Wheel:    

Type: Tube type Radial

Size: 8.25 R16 16PR

No. of Tires: 7 including spare tire

Disc Wheel: 16 x 6.00T

Wheel:   6



Service: Air-Over Hydraulic Dual Circuit, Front Two Leading, Rear Dual Two Leading

Parking Brake:      Mechanical Expanded Type at Rear of Transmission

Auxillary: Exhaust Brake, Electro-pneumatic control


  Type:    Recirculating Ball Nut Type with Integral Power Assist System



Type:    Ladder Type Channel Section-Rear Straight


Type:    Semi-elleptical Alloy Steel Leaf Springs, Hydraulic Double Acting Telescopic Shock Absorber


Cab Type:             

  Construction:      All Steel Construction, High Tensile Steel used for Cab Underframe, Manual Cab Tilt to 45 degrees with Torsion Bar Assistance


Electrical System:

  Battery and Generator:     12-52Ax2/ 24V-50AMP

Starter: 24V-1.2kW



  Headlamps: Hallogen Multi-reflector Headlamps incorporating Turn Signals

Radiator Grille: Dark Gray

Windshield: Laminated

Bumper: Body Color Steel Air Dam Bumper

Door Handle: Vertical Grip Type



Seats Type: Sliding and Reclining w/Integrated Headrest x2

Material: Vinyl

No. of:  3



Driver Side Seatbelt: 3pts ELR

Passenger Side Seatbelt:   3pts ELR + Center Lap

Side Impact Beams: Integrated into the doors at waist height (Driver and Passenger)

Anti-Slip Aluminum Step: Equipped (Driver and Passenger)


Meter and Gauges:

  Speedometer:  Electronically Driven

Tachometer:  Dual

Tripmeter:  Digital

Odometer:  Equipped

Water Temperature gauge: Equipped

Air Pressure Gauge, Primary & Secondary:  Equipped

Fuel Gauge:  Equipped


Warning and Indicator Lamps:  Engine oil pressure warning Lamps:    Equipped

Cab Tilt Warning Lamp:  Equipped

Air Pressure Warning lamp & Buzzer:                                  Equipped

Battery Charging Warning Lamp:  Equipped

Water Separator Warning Lamp:       Equipped

Check Engine Warning Lamp: Equipped





Engine Overheat Warning Lamp: Equipped

Low Fuel Warning Lamp:      Equipped

Seat Belt Warning Lamp:     Equipped

Air Cleaner Indicator Lamp: Equipped

Park Brake Indicator Lamp: Equipped

Exhaust brake Indicator Lamp: Equipped

Turning Signal Indicator Lamp: Equipped

High Beam Indicator Lamp: Equipped


Comfort & Convenience:   

Idling Control Switch:  Equipped

Ashtray Driver’s side on:      Equipped

Cigarette Lighter:  Equipped

Sunvisor Driver’s side only: Equipped

Room Lamp:  Equipped

Room Mirror:  Equipped

Cupholders:  Equipped

Glove Box:  Equipped

Seatback Tray:    Equipped

Assist Grips (Driver & Passenger): Equipped




The Simultaneous Negotiation will be conducted on July 25, 2018, Wednesday, 2:00 P.M., at the BAC Conference Room, Ground Floor, Capitol Building, Cebu City.  The complete technical specification, guidelines, documents, and other information relative thereto will be the subject of discussion.


Thereafter, the Province of Cebu through its Bids and Awards Committee will distribute the Request for Quotation (RFQ) to prospective bidders.


The Submission and Opening of Best and Final offers will be held on JULY 30, 2018, MONDAY, 2:00 P.M., BAC Conference Room, Ground Floor, Capitol Building, Cebu City.


The bidder with the Lowest Calculated Bid (LCB) or Single Calculated Bid (SCB) shall be required to submit the additional documents stated in the Checklist of Additional Requirements.


Very truly yours,



BAC Chairman