PRDP-IR-R007-CEB-007-000-000-2017 : Construction of Chicken Production Building at Brgy. Lapaz, Bogo City, Cebu

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Construction of Native Chicken Production Building, Brgy. Lapaz, Bogo City, Cebu

RFQ No.: S18-0220

PRDP ID No.: PRDP-IR-R007-CEB-007-000-000-2017

Loan No. 8421-PH


November 5, 2018






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The Government of the Philippines (GOP) has received a Loan from the World Bank towards the cost of Philippine Rural Development Project and intend to apply part of the proceeds of the Loan to payments under the Contract for Construction of Chicken Production Building, Brgy. Lapaz, Bogo City, Cebu.


Please quote your lowest price, inclusive of taxes for the above-cited package, based on the attached Specifications/Drawings, and Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and submit your quotation duly signed by you or your authorized representative not later than November 11, 2018 (Sunday) at 5:00 PM at the BAC Office, Ground Floor Capitol Main Building, Cebu Provincial Capitol, Cebu City. The opening of quotations will be conducted on November 12, 2018 (Monday) at 10:00 AM.


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In connection with the above request, I/We submit our quotation indicated in the attached signed BOQ and Detailed Estimates based on the required Specifications/Drawings. Total quotation is _________________________________________________________________________________ (PhP__________________________).


We agree to abide by this Bid for the bid validity of ninety (90) calendar days and it shall remain binding upon us and maybe accepted at any time before the expiration of that period.


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