ADDENDUM NO. 18 – 22: Bid Bulletin for ADV. NO. 18-010 [Supply and delivery of ONE (1) Lot HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and SERVICES for the Digitization of Tax Declarations of the Provincial Assessor’s Office.]

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ADDENDUM NO.  18 – 22



For:   ADV. NO. 18-010  :  Supply and delivery of ONE (1) Lot HARDWARE, SOFTWARE and  

SERVICES for the Digitization of Tax Declarations of the Provincial Assessor’s Office.



This addendum is issued to modify or amend items in the Bid Documents for the procurement of the different projects of the Province of Cebu, as listed.  This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.



FROM:                                                  TO:

4.  Deadline Submission of Bids April 23, 2018, Monday,

2:00 P.M.

APRIL 27, 2018, FRIDAY,
     Opening of Bids 10:00 A.M.






Supply, Delivery, Installation and Configuration of One (1) Lot Hardware, Software and Services for the Digitization of Tax Declarations  


Document Management System with the following components: One (1) set of intuitive and user friendly Capture, Archive and Retrieval System that runs in Windows environment (w/ highest image quality, zonal OCR, rubber band OCR, barcode capabilities, watched folder, searchable PDF, secure but file stored and can be viewed in standard format no-encryption), with server and user licenses and installers for at least 5 users (capable of different user access levels) to provide collaboration, audit trail, internally controlled computing, embedded linear routing tools, with full text and metadata indexing, API integration possible, document control, rapid dissemination and publishing of information on company intranets protected by security protocols and with integration via export connectors, implementation to include basic setup and configuration with project documentation, user acceptance test/customer sign off, 3-day equivalent of system administration and end user training, with training materials; system database is MSSQL or MYSQL, preferably with workflow module if possible (capable of creating and editing predefined forms and reports, log in to forms, process, routing and monitoring, view reports and history), covered by at least one (1) year warranty update and support (Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm, with Sat visits), user license preferably has thin client, mobile device support and email interface; with software licenses for the following included;

One (1) MSSQL Server Std 2016 Single OLP NL, Five (5) MSSQL Server Std 2016 CALs, One (1) Windows Server OS Std 2016 (to be installed at existing virtualized server of the ICTO); with 3-year technical assistance and service support (with not less than 10 online visits and telephone support M-F 8am-5pm with possible saturday visits if needed) and software updates; with Hardware components to include; One(1) ADF+Flatbed Scanner with the following specs;








Scanning: to extend to 8mos, 2013 documents 

@900,000 documents (w/ more or less 20% 2 pgs)



Manpower – encoders =

Working Space & tables to be provided = by CPG




1) Tax Declaration No.

2) Owner

3) Location of property (Brgy & Municipality)

4) Lot #

5) Effectivity year






Warranty: 1 yr




MSSQL & Windows Server OS = Volume license





60 ppm/120ipm duplex scanner, color greyscale or bitonal, A4/Legal Size documents up to 32 inches long, USB 2.0 interface or better, heavy duty at least 4,000/page daily volume; with on premise scanning and indexing services of 900,000 pages scanned to cover the following scope of work from Monday to Friday and or Saturday 8am to 5pm for a period of six (6) months; Document conversion/processing includes but not limited to document acquisition, pre and post scanning preparation, scanning, file naming and renaming, image enhancing, segregation and appending of pages, indexing, quality assurance and releasing/uploading to image server and quality assurance of uploaded files to repository and document return of hardcopies to binds and storage. Provision of manpower necessary for the completion of the scope of work covered for a period of six (6) months. Provision of scaning stations (backup facilities, fast computers and highspeed scanners). Provision of production scanning software and utilities similar to the delivered software for the database build up (if standalone or workgroup production and document processing is desired). Scanning for at least 200 dpi resolution, either in ADF or flatbed scanner at optimum setting for readability and quality of scanned document. Use approved file naming convention.


Indexing done using client approved index templates with all index data fields populated (at least five index fields), may use full text and metadata or automatic index field population technique (OCR or better) as per Document Management System software capability. Quality assurance done prior to DMS software uploading. Required expertise and resources:

The service provider/vendor should be able to provide at least three reference client establishments, companies or organization where their system and services have been successfully installed and implemented. A team of professional and experienced personnel must be provided by the service provider/vendor for the proper installation of the equipment and delivery of the required service.




1 lot Network Attached Storage


RS18017xs+-12 Bays-48TB (12 X 4TB HDD, Expandable up to 180 Bays with RX2417sas or 96 Bays with RX1217sas), Intel Xeon D-1531 6-core 2.2GHz, 16GB DDR4-2133 ECC RDIMM (Expandable up to 128GB), 2xUSB 3.0, 1xExpansion Port, 2x10GbE RJ45 (10Base-T), 4xGigabit LAN, with 2 pcs. RAMRG2133DDR4-16GB-16GB DDR4-2133 ECC RDIMM, 1 unit RKS1317 – Sliding Rail Kit (with Synology`s 1 year limited warranty), 12 pcs. TOS IHDD- 3.5″ NEARLINE 4TB, also includes supply, delivery, installation, configuration and migration from existing  storage to new, with 3 years warranty on services and parts and suppliers should not be less than 20 years in business and with local office.














… suppliers should not be less than five (5) years in business …

Award:  by Lot Awarding: by item , 1 & 2
Delivery Period:


Thirty (30) Calendar Days upon receipt of Notice to Proceed (start)


Contract Duration:  Six (6) months

Delivery Period:

#1: eight (8) months


#2: 60 CD…




  Progress billing & Payment:


(item 1) 25% (1st) accomplishment, including hardware & software, 50% (2nd), last billing includes completion of training(s)


(item 2) one-time payment.


For guidance and information of all concerned.


Cebu Capitol, Cebu City, April 19, 2018.











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Date: _____________________________________



**Please acknowledge receipt hereof by re-sending this through Telefax No. (32) 253-9614, duly signed received.**