ADDENDUM NO. 18 – 069: Bid Bulletin for Adv. No. 18-160 (Supply and Delivery of VARIOUS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (HOSPITAL BED, BP APPARATUS, CARDIAC MONITOR, ETC.) for use at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation (CPDRC) Clinic, Kalunasan, Cebu City.)

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ADDENDUM NO.  18 – 069


For:  Adv. No. 18-160 –         Supply and Delivery of VARIOUS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (HOSPITAL BED, BP     

APPARATUS, CARDIAC MONITOR, ETC.) for use at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation (CPDRC) Clinic, Kalunasan, Cebu City.


This addendum is issued to modify or amend items in the Bid Documents for the procurement of the different projects of the Province of Cebu, as listed.  This shall form an integral part of the Bid Documents.







3-Crank Hospital Bed Adult with Bedside Table, IV Pole & Foot Stool


3-Crank Hospital Bed Adult with Bedside Table, IV Pole & Foot Stool



Overall size: L215.5cm x W: 95cm

Height adjustable: 35 -42 (min)69-74 (max) cm

Steel frame in powder coating finish

Support mattress platform

Detachable ABS head & foot board

Foldable aluminum side rail

Safety load: 180kg

Bedside table

*Infinite Table Positions: Light upward touch on spring-loaded locking handle allows the over bed table to be raised or lowered to any height between 28”-40”

*Premium Finishing: Walnut wood-grained laminated top with flush-mounted T-molded edge design.

*Improved Durability & Reliability: Heavy-gauge, Chrome-plated (not silver plated) welded tubular STEEL construction on a H-style base with 4” swivel casters. Provides long lasting stability and easy maneuverability.

*Dimensions: 15” (D) x 30” (W) x 28-40” (H); Base

Dimensions: 15.5” (D) x 26.5” (W); Table Top

Dimensions: 30” (L) x 15” (W) x 0.75” (D)




BP Apparatus with stand and caster



BP Apparatus with stand and caster



Stand type / Castor Wheels

Measurement Range: 0-300mmHg

Inflation Method:  Inflation and Air Release by Manual

Display: Square Aneroid Scale (0-300mmHg)

Cuff size: 511 x 145mm (Self Measurement Type or Nurse type)

Cuff Material: Deluxe Nylon or Cotton Fabric

Wheel Colour: Black

Specialize: Fits All Sickbed, Dialysis Room, Operating Room and any other Medical Specialization Room




BP Apparatus non-mercurial, desktype


BP Aneroid / Apparatus non-mercurial, desktype



Certified accuracy to +/-3 mmHg

Withstands a 30 inch drop, AAMI’s standard shock resistant requirement

Gauge rotates 360°, for easy viewing from any angle

Gauge snaps directly into cuff for quick cuff changes

Premium inflation system, and lightweight for patient comfort

Five-year calibration warranty

Latex-free for safety


/2018/bid bulletin/#18-069/p2




Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator & Pulse Oximeter

Cardiac Monitor with Defibrillator & Pulse Oximeter Specifications:

Physical Specifications

1. Weight – complete unit, excluding batteries, shall not exceed 12 pounds.

2. Dimensions – to aid in storage and portability, the general overall dimensions shall not exceed 13” x 12.5” x 5.3”

3. Case Construction – The case shall be constructed to withstand the harsh operating conditions associated with ambulance use. The unit shall be available with an accessory carrying case with handle and shoulder strap.

4. Safety – The unit shall be safe to use both for the operator and the patient. The unit must comply with IEC 601-1 for leakage currents.

5. Service Life – Under normal usage, the unit shall have a service life of not less than five years (excluding routinely replaced items such as a battery, accessories.


Operating Specifications

1. The unit shall operate after exposure shock forces

2. The unit shall operate after exposure to vibration forces

3. The unit shall operate when exposed to non-condensing humidity of 15-95% at 20 degrees Celsius.

4. The unit shall pass IEC 529, Level 2 (IP2X) for enclosure protection, solid foreign object ingress.

5. The unit shall pass IEC 529 Level 3 (IP3X) (spraying water) for enclosure protection, water ingress.

6. Operating temperature range shall be O to 45 C, with storage temperature range – 30C to 70C.




1. The device shall incorporate Capnography using mainstream technology

2. The device shall have a CO2 sensor external to the device

3. The device shall be capable of displaying CO2 value in mmHg

4. The device shall not use any external water traps

5. The sensor shall be IPX-7 waterproof

6. The sensor shall weight <6 oz.

7. The sensor shall be factory calibrated – requiring no operator calibration.

8. The rise time of the CO2 waveform shall be less than or equal to 200msec.

9. The device shall have a typical warm up time of <5 seconds – requiring no heater

10. The airway adapter shall be of “anti-fogging” membrane

11. The device shall be of low power consumption </= .04W


Semi / Fully -Automatic External Defibrillation (SAED)


Biphasic Defibrillation Capability:

1. The device shall utilize Orbital Biphasic waveform technology as the primary energy delivery option

2. The waveform shall be biphasic truncated exponential

3. The biphasic waveform shall compensate for patient impedances by adjusting the duration of the waveform

4. The biphasic energy protocol shall be supervisor configurable to adapt to local and / or changing protocols and protected via supervisor passcode access.

5. The biphasic waveform shall allow for escalating energies up to 360 Joules

6. The biphasic waveform shall employ a terminating current to depolarize the myocardial cells utilizing a BTE waveform tilt that shall not vary significantly for patient impendence from 25Ohms to 100 Ohms.

7. The device shall utilize a 500-microfarad capacitor to facilitate the functions of the BTE waveform.

8. Each phase of the waveform shall be truncated exponential

9. The waveform shall exhibit the same general characteristics for impedances above and below 85 ohms.


/2018/bid bulletin/#18-069/p3





Clinical Centrifuge 24 placer, heavy duty


Clinical Centrifuge 24 placer, heavy duty



Technical Data:

Rated Speed : 100-4500rpm, Increment: 10rpm / 100rpm (Fast Turning The SPEED Dial)

Maximum RCF : Rotor 1: 2558×G Increment: 10×G / 100×G (Fast Turning The SPEED Dial)

Rotor 2 : 2200×G Increment: 10×G / 100×G (Fast Turning The SPEED Dial)

Speed Accuracy : ±20rpm

Maximum Capacity : 24×10ml, 24x5ml, 24x7ml

Running Mode : Timing / Continuous / Short

Timing Range : 10s-99min59s Increment: 1S/1min (Fast Turning The SPEED Dial)

Rotor Type : 12-Bore Angle Rotor / 24-Bore Angle Rotor

Safety Function : Lid Interlock, Monitor For Lid Open / Close Condition,

Over-Speed Protection, Automatic Internal Diagnosis

Driving Motor : Brushless DC Motor

Input Power : 300W

Output Power : 94W

Input Voltage : Single-Phase 100-240V (50-60Hz)

Noise Level : <65db

ACC/DEC : Acceleration Fast (Accelerate To Max. Speed<23S)

Slow (Accelerate To Max. Speed<66S)

Deceleration Fast (Decelerate To Stop<23S)

Slow (Decelerate To Stop<66S)

Normal (According To the Specimen Mass)

Dimension : 450×340×230mm

Net Weight : 10kg




Clinical Weighing Scale


Clinical Weighing Scale



Superior Accuracy

Heavy duty understructure

Die cast beam, and aluminum on black insert

Easily read from either side

Factory assembled

Capacity: 400 lb x 4 oz (180 kg x 100 g)

Platform Size: 10-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches (267 x 368 mm)

Height Rod: Measures 30-78 inches (76-198 cm)

Scale height: 59 inches (1.5 m)

Cartoon size: Height: 57″ x Width: 19 1/2″ x Length: 5 1/2″





CTG Machine heavy duty


CTG Machine heavy duty



Dispaly: 8.4″ color LCD display, 60 degree folding

Recorder: Thermal Printer

Record paper: Z:fold, thermal paper

 Printing width:112

 Printing speed: 1,2,3cm/min

 Record message: Data,time,TOCO Trend graph,paper speed,FHR type,FHR Trend Graph,FM,Bed NO.,etc.

Signal Interface: RJ 45 interface FHR


 Technique: Ultrasound pulse Doppler and auto correlation

 Ultrasound frequency: 2MHz

 FHR range: 50-210bpm

 Resolution: 1pm

 Accuracy: +2bpm



/2018/bid bulletin/#18-069/p4


     Range: 0-100%

 Resolution: 1%

 Non-Linear Error:0<+8%

 Zero control: Manual

Fetal movement


 Manual Fetal movement mark

Power Supply

 AC 100-240,50/6-HZ

 P Max=60VA Dimension:320*260*80mm Weight: 3.2 kg

Dimension: 3208260880mm

Weight: 3.2kg




ECG Machine with analyzer, heavy duty


ECG Machine with analyzer, heavy duty



Display: graphic display

Dimensions of display: 70 × 36 mm

Screen resolution:  128 × 64 px

Keyboard:  combined alphanumeric and functional

Electrode contact control:  indication of contact of each electrode

Interface  RS232, USB reduction

Dimensions:  276 × 168 × 74 mm

Weight approx.:  2 kg



Paper width:  58 mm

Paper type:  roll

Print type:  thermal

Paper speed:  5, 10, 25, 50 mm/s



Number of channels:   6         3              1

Number of leads:    12

Displayed leads:      1

Printed leads:    1, 3, 6            1, 3   1

Transmission in automatic mode real-time, synchronic

Pacemaker detection:   yes

Sensitivity:   2.5, 5, 10, 20 mm/mV

Stored records:   (10-sec long strips) 6

Long ECG recording:  1 lead/2 leads     9 min/no



Adaptable mains filter:  50–60 Hz

Muscle tremor filters:  35, 25 Hz

Baseline filters:  0.05 Hz (3.2 s), 0.11 Hz (1.5 s), 0.25 Hz (0.6 s), 0.50 Hz (0.3 s),



Mains supply:       115/230 V, 50–60 Hz

Frequency response:   0.05–150 Hz

Digital resolution:     3.9 μV

A/D conversion:  13 bits

Sampling frequency ECG:      2 000 Hz

Pacemaker detection:  100 μs / Dedicated circuit with 40 000 Hz detection function

Dynamic range:  15.9 mV

Polarisation voltage:   ± 400 mV

Max. consistent voltage:  ± 5 V

Input impedance:    > 20 MOhm

Common mode rejection:        > 100 dB

Accumulator capacity    automat: up to 30 prints

manual: up to 35 minutes of printing

signal monitoring: up to 75 minutes

Charging time:         max. 3 hours (if completely discharged)


/2018/bid bulletin/#18-069/p5





EENT Diagnostic Set


EENT Diagnostic Set



ENT Set (Diagnostic Set)

Ophthalmoscope Lock Fitting including 1

double lens Optoscope head 3 reusable


1 ophthalmoscope head (Heine Type), Square shape with lens selection wheel (+0

to +20 and -0 to -20) diopters single large


1 Bent Arm illuminator & Nasal Speculum

1 Tong blade holder & Nasal tong


1 Battery handle with rheostat button

2 Laryngoscope mirrors




Electrocautery Machine heavy duty


Electrocautery Machine heavy duty



• 2 Bipolar Modes. Max Power – 60W

• 3 Cut Modes. Max Power – 250W

• 3 Coag Modes. Max Power – 100W

• 6 SENSE Technology ESU

• PREM Patient Return Electrode Monitoring.

• Randomized SPRAY Coag

• Bipolar Cut: in Macro Bip

• BiCoag Alarm (Optional)

• User Programmable : THREE Surgical Programs

• Self Diagnosis

• Argon Beam Coagulator up-gradable




Emergency Cart Size: at least 470mm x 680mm x 980mm, 250mm cabinet height steel plate body


Emergency Cart Size: at least 470mm x 680mm x 980mm, 250mm cabinet height steel plate body




Made of stainless steel

3 Drawers and 2 Doors

Stainless top

IV hook with Rubber Bumper

4 caster wheels with lock




Examining Light


Examining Light


Technical Specification

Illumination intensity:  50,000 Lux ±10%

Focus dia : 15-20 cm

Color temperature:  4500 K

CRI (Colour Rendering Index):  93

Brightness control: Touch Panel

No. of LEDs:    21

LEDs lifetime:   30000 hrs.

Power supply:  220V/50Hz AC




Hematocrit Centrifuge 24 placer, heavy duty


Hematocrit Centrifuge 24 placer, heavy duty



Function: microhematocrit

Configuration: bench-top

Speed: 6,000 rpm, 5,000 rpm, 3,500 rpm, 12,000 rpm (37,699.1 rad.min-1)




/2018/bid bulletin/#18-069/p6


    Never change rotors again with the patented, proprietary, permanent

Process Microhematocrits, Serum and Urine samples on the same rotor

Guaranteed Lifetime 0 rotor repair/replacement cost

Easy to operate

Load samples

Press “Sample Type”

Press       “Start”

LED lights indicate one of four user-selected programs with pre-programmed speeds and times

MHCT:                    12,000RPM – 5 minutes

Serum I:                  6,000RPM – 10 minutes

Serum II:                 5,000RPM – 5 minutes

Urine:                     3,500RPM – 5 minutes

Fast. Quiet. Versatile. Durable. Affordably priced.

Brushless motor is so quiet, even sound-sensitive animals aren’t irritated

Industrial grade construction eliminates vibration or movement when running

Gentle acceleration and deceleration

Audible “end of cycle” indicator

Stainless Steel chamber for easy cleaning

Safety Locking lid

Holds 24 x 75mm capillary tubes or 12 x 2mL bullet tubes

Dimensions:             9″W x 13″D x 9″H

Requires 20″ of vertical clearance with lid open

Includes: Rotor Cover, PCV Reader and tray of clay sealant




Oxygen Tank with Gauge and Humidifier, 40L





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Cebu Capitol, Cebu City, September 21, 2018.







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