PR NO. 19-03-1526 (1 lot Installation of One unit Air Curtain & etc. For use in Provincial Investment & Promotions Office).

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Cebu
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City
Control No. 19-1126 Dated : March 22, 2019
Note: Please state the fullname of the establishment P. R. No. 19-03-1526 Dated : March 21, 2019
        as appearing in the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS. O.R. No. 100-19-03-3247 Dated :
ABC: P127,780.00
            Please quote your prices on the following listed articles which the Province of Cebu desires  to  buy  if
to the government. For clarification & inquiry call Telefax Nos. 253-7160 or 888-2328 local 1228 – 1229 or email us
♥ Prices quoted should be VAT inclusive and subject to withholding tax.
♥ PhilGEPS Registration Number: ______________________
♥ Terms of payment: _________________________
♥ Delivery Date: 30CD     BIDS and AWARDS COMMITTEE
♥ Deadline of quotation: _______________________
♥ TIN No.: ______________________________________________________________ (Sgd)
♥ Place of Delivery: @ Prov’l. Investments & Promotions Office ATTY. MARK C. TOLENTINO
♥ Note: Must have a satellite office/service center in Cebu (for supplier outside Cebu).                     BAC Chairman
♥ Please submit  Certified True Copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit.
Item Quantity Unit                             Articles and Description Brand Offer Unit cost Total Price
1 1 Lot Installation of 1 Unit Air Curtain, 48″, 220W
 * 48″ Centrifugal Twin Motor Air Curtain
 * 14.5m/s Air Speed       * Silent Wind 48dB
 * Centrifugal Style Fan     * Insect Preventive
 * Halft Round (Curve)     * Metal Housing
 * Energy Saving & Environment Friendly
 * Power -330Watts, 220V, 60Hz./1-Phase w/ Remote Control
       Power Outlet & Wiring to nearest power source.
2 2 Units 2.5HP Wall Mounted Non-Inverter Aircon
 * Cooling Capacity Min.: 22,000 Btu/Hr.
 * Power Output: 220V/60Hz., 1 Phase
 * EER Min.: 10.68; Refrigerant R410a;
 * Filter: Anti Bacteria, Anti -Allegens, Anti-Formaldehyde; Auto/Self Diagnose
 * 1 Year Warranty, 5 Year Compressor, Free first quarterly cleaning
 * Installation, Mounting Bracket, exposed pipes & conduits wrapped w/ charol
 * Circuit Breaker: Heavy Duty NEMA 3R (30AT & Above 2P or 3P, 230V;
 * PVC Drain Pipe Min. Size: 3/4″ diameter
 * Included 5.5mm sq. mm. wiring & conduit from main Pullbox
   to NEMA 3R CB & communication wire to all units (ACU Units)
 * Restoration of damaged areas to its original state, cleaning of mess & if
   necessary painting of surfaces dented in the course of Installation works.
 * All Refrigerant must be Eco Friendly / Ozone Free
PURPOSE: ***For use in Provincial Investment & Promotions Office (CIPO).***
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