PR NO. 19-02-0859 (5 units Infusion Pump & etc. For use in Cebu Provincial Hospital – Bogo City (PHO).

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Cebu
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City
Control No. 19-0593 Dated : February 27, 2019
Note: Please state the fullname of the establishment P. R. No. 19-02-0859 Dated : February 22, 2019
        as appearing in the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS. O.R. No. 100-19-02-1082 Dated :
ABC: P775,000.00
            Please quote your prices on the following listed articles which the Province of Cebu desires  to  buy  if
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♥ Place of Delivery: PGSO-Warehouse ATTY. MARK C. TOLENTINO
♥ Note: Must have a satellite office/service center in Cebu (for supplier outside Cebu).                     BAC Chairman
♥ Please submit  Certified True Copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit.
Item Quantity Unit                             Articles and Description Brand Offer Unit cost Total Price
1 5 Units Infusion Pump, with Stand
 * Innovative Midpress Peristaltic Finger System Method
 * Stable Volume Delivered
 * High Accurate Flow Rate is achieved.
 * Flow Rates can be set within a wide range from (0.1ml./h to 1,200ml/hr)
 * Can also be used for Blood Transfusions
 * Has a precision machined solid aluminum die-cast frame for
    the base of the Midpress Finger part.
 * Flow Rate Accuracy within =/-3
 * The delivery limit should range 1-9,999ml.
 * The operation indicator flashes red & the alarm message comes on
 * Has a “Keep Vein Open” Function
 * Has a Tubing clamp function
 * Has a Time remaining display
 * Has an adjustable display brightness
 * Has an adjustable buzzer volume
 * Has a storage/display of Operation History
2 5 Units Syringe Pump, Heavy Duty
 * Has a large colour display
 * Has a fast self-check combined with simple
   interface & unique rotary dial
 * Key lock function disables switch operations as a safety feature
 * Rechargeable internal Li-on type battery up to 5 Hrs., allows
   the pump for transport. With battery level display
 * Has precise micro-computer-controlled infusion, necessary
   for alarms & splash-proof construction to prevent the entry of solutions.
 * Flow rate/volume to be infused judgement alarm to avoid errors.
 * Flow rate setting range – 0.1ml. -1200ml.
 * Spin dial, reduced buttons for easy set -up
 * Rack system for mobility & organization
 * Display Screen: 4.3″ LCD
 * Battery Opening Time: Lithium -ion type, up to 12 Hrs. capacity,
               8 Hours Charging Time
 * W-381mm x H-120mm x D-112mm
 * Weight: 2.0Kg.
 * Power Consumption: 20 watts
 * Power Supply: AC 100 -240V 50/60Hz.
 * Flow Rate Accuracy: +_1% (Mechanical Accuracy) +-3% (w/ Syringe)
 * Warranty: 1 Year
NOTE: Pls. Submit Brochure.
PURPOSE: ***For use in Cebu Provincial Hospital – Bogo City (PHO).***
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