PR NO. 19-02-0565 (1 set Riser Bow Set & etc. To be used during the Grassroots Sports Development                  Porgram in the Province of Cebu on March 5, 2019 (PGO-SC).

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Cebu
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City
Control No. 19-0374 Dated : February 12, 2019
Note: Please state the fullname of the establishment P. R. No. 19-02-0565 Dated : February 8, 2019
        as appearing in the OFFICIAL RECEIPTS. O.R. No. 100-19-01-123 Dated :
ABC: P158,020.00
            Please quote your prices on the following listed articles which the Province of Cebu desires  to  buy  if
to the government. For clarification & inquiry call Telefax Nos. 253-7160 or 888-2328 local 1228 – 1229 or email us
♥ Prices quoted should be VAT inclusive and subject to withholding tax.
♥ PhilGEPS Registration Number: ______________________
♥ Terms of payment: _________________________
♥ Delivery Date: 30CD     BIDS and AWARDS COMMITTEE
♥ Deadline of quotation: _______________________
♥ TIN No.: ______________________________________________________________ (Sgd)
♥ Place of Delivery: PGSO -Warehouse ATTY. MARK C. TOLENTINO
♥ Note: Must have a satellite office/service center in Cebu (for supplier outside Cebu).                     BAC Chairman
♥ Please submit  Certified True Copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit.
Item Quantity Unit                             Articles and Description Brand Offer Unit cost Total Price
1 1 Set Riser Bow Set
 * Premium Riser -RH, WNS Elite Carbon 68″ -32 #
      Limbs Dyna Flight Strings, Hoyt Super Rest, SF Velocity Pro
      Sight Cartel CR 3 Arm Guard, Fivics Saker Tab Medium,
      Cartel 101 Chest Guard Medium, WNS S-300 Quiver Cartel
      Clicker, WNS S-PFC Plunger, Bow Stand Cartel Bow Stringer,
      Cartel Masion Premium Carbon Stabilizer Set (28″ Center
      Rod, 10″ Side Rods, 4″ Extension, V-Bar complete w/ Rubber
      Damper & Weights
2 1 Doz. Carbon One, w/ complete accessories,
     shaft, points, nocks (orange), pins & spin wings (yellow)
3 3 Sets Wooden Bow, 66-24#
 * Raiser, Limbs 66-24#, Hoyt Super Rest,
    Dacron String Cartel Atom Sight
4 2 Sets Wooden Bow, 66-30#
 * Raiser, Limbs 66-30#, Hoyt Super Rest,
    Dacron String Cartel Atom Sight
5 2 Sets Stabilizer Set, 28″ Center Rod, 10″ Side Rods
   4″ Extension, V-Bar complete w/ rubber Damper & Weights
6 3 Pairs Limbs, 66″, 16#
7 36 Pcs. Aluminum Arrows
 * Complete w/ Fletch, Nocks, Points
8 5 Pcs. 306 Finger Tab
 * Genuine Cordovan Leather Face w/ metal
    base plate, Medium
9 5 Pcs. Arm Guard, Bendy Plastic Stylish Shaped
   Body w/ soft cord straps & spring loaded toggle
   to adjust tension 5 1/2″ Wide (@ Front) & 2 3/8″ (@ Near)
10 5 Pcs. Quiver
11 1 Pc. Bow Scale, 1 Increments
 * Precision wound main spring for consistent accuracy,
   tattle -tale indicator, unique non-slip hook design,
   secure grip aluminum T-handle, seamless aluminum
   tubing, anodized finish
12 1 Unit Mini Cutter
 * 220V, Color Blue, Adjustable Design,
    Precision moving system, comapct portable size
PURPOSE: ***To be used during the Grassroots Sports Development
Porgram in the Province of Cebu on March 5, 2019 (PGO-SC).***
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Copy of 19-02-0565