PR NO. 19-02-0375 (2 pcs. Shot Put & etc. To be used during the Batang Pinoy 2019 on February 12, 2019 @ Iloilo City (SPORTS COMMISSION).

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Cebu
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City
Control No. 19- Dated : February 1, 2019
Note: Please state the fullname of the establishment as appearing in P. R. No. 19-02-0375 Dated : February 1, 2019
SEC Registration/DTI, PhilGEPS, Official Receipts and O.R. No. Dated :
Business/Mayor’s Permit. ABC: P646,880.00
            Please quote your prices on the following listed articles which the Province of Cebu desires  to  buy  if
to the government. For clarification & inquiry call Telefax Nos. 253-7160 or 888-2328 local 1228 – 1229 or email us
♥ Prices quoted should be VAT inclusive and subject to withholding tax.
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♥ Terms of payment: _________________________
♥ Delivery Date: ______________________________     BIDS and AWARDS COMMITTEE
♥ Deadline of quotation: _______________________
♥ TIN No.: ______________________________________________________________ (Sgd)
♥ Place of Delivery: ___________________________ ATTY. MARK C. TOLENTINO
♥ Note: Must have a satellite office/service center in Cebu for supplier outside Cebu.                     BAC Chairman
♥ Please submit  Certified True Copy of Business/Mayor’s Permit.
Item Quantity Unit                             Articles and Description Brand Offer Unit cost Total Price
1 2 pcs Shot Put (iron balls), 6kgs.
2 2 pcs Shot Put (iron balls), 4kgs.
3 2 pcs Discus Plate, 1kg
4 2 pcs Discus Plate, 1.75kg
5 2 pcs Javellin Spear, 700kg
6 2 pcs Javellin Spear, 500kg
7 1 unit Stop Watch
*case depth approx: 27mm
*movement: quartz
8 10 tubes Shuttlecock, 12’s
*goose feather
*head material: two layers natural cork
9 10 tubes Lawn Tennis Balls, 3’s
Tube Contains 3 Balls
Highest Standard Tennis Balls; Exceptional Tour Core;
Premium Woven Cloth;
Optimum Visibility;
Repels Up To 70% More Water than Standard Balls;
10 8 pcs Lawn Tennis Net
String Black Widow 12m, format single strings
11 2 boxes Baseball Ball, 20’s
*color: white
*material: PVC cork core
*perimeter: 10 inches
*circumference: 24cm
*weight: 0.14kg
12 1 pc Baseball Bat
*the diameter of the handle: approx. 3cm / 1.18 inches
*material: aluminum alloy, high hardness & strong endurance
13 12 pcs Baseball batting gloves, high quality
*size: 9.5 inches
14 4 pcs Head Gear
*free size: one size fits all with protective strap
15 10 pairs Shin Guards, small
*5 pcs. Blue & 5 pcs. Red
16 10 pcs Shin Guards, medium
*5 pcs. Blue & 5 pcs. Red
17 12 pairs Hand Gloves
*6 pairs small (3 pcs. Red & 3 pcs. Blue)
*6 pairs medium (3 pcs. Red & 3 pcs. Blue)
18 6 pcs Sepak Takraw Ball, official
19 2 pcs Sepak Takraw net, tournament quality
20 1 box Softall Ball, official, 24’s
21 7 sets Softball Gloves, leather, 9 pcs/set
Specifications 11.5-inch  12.5inch
Jacket Material: 1.2mm PVC
Palm inner sleeve: PVC
Piece inner sleeve means: velvet foam stickers
Rope / wrapping / gibs: PVC
Color orange, black pink
22 10 pcs Table Tennis Racket, rhyzer 48, black
23 10 pcs Table Tennis Racket, rhyzer pro 50, red
24 500 pcs Table Tennis Balls, 40, 3star balls, celluliod
25 15 pcs Sensing Socks
E-Foot Protector has sensors in the instep and sole that ensure all valid kicks are identified.
– Comfortable use
– Available in white
– Washable at max. 20ºC, even in washing machine.
– Communication between sensors unaffected by dobok fabric
– Clear kick techniques to obtain a point
26 12 pcs Volleyball ball, official
27 15 pcs Mueller Wrap, 1½x15 yards
28 15 pcs Mueller Tape, 1½x15 yards
29 1 set Baton
1.5 x 11.8″ Aluminum Relay Baton Athletics Sports Running Racing, Set of 8
30 40 pcs Gum Shield
Material: 100% POE
Style: Convertible
Color: Blue
31 40 pcs Mouth Guard
Material: 100% POE
Style: Convertible
Color: Blue
32 2 pcs Catchers Mitt
32″ The soft tan leather pocket allows for great feel and gives the ball that extra POP
which pitchers love to hear
The black leather backing is stiffer, and gives the mitt the right amount of support and
increases its life
33 10 pcs Water Googles
Lens: PC Strap: Silicone  Seal: Silicone Nose Pieces: PU (S/M/L) Frame width: 164mm /
6.5in Frame height: 42mm / 1.7in Lens size: 53 * 29mm / 2.1 * 1.1in
34 15 pcs Kick Shield
*Dense foam padding for protection & shock absorption.
*Light weight, easy to carry.
*With high quality and durable performance.
*100% brand new and in good condition.
*Color: 1#/2#(As pictures show)
*Material: PU+EVA
*Dimension: about 36 * 9 * 19.5cm
35 24 sets Volleyball Knee Pads
• Leg sleeves featuring 9mm Hex™ Technology is a favorite among pro and
collegiate players
• Extended length for better fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches
• hDc™ Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry
36 2 pcs Ball Bag
100% Nylon Fabric
Single Compartment with two way zipper
Dual side pocket with zipper
Front panel pocket with zipper
With shoulder strap and handle
Light weight and water resistant
Estimated size in inches L15 x W10 x H12
37 2 pcs Muscle Tape
Waterproof:  Yes
Product size: Dia.: 6.7cm , Height: 2.6cm
Material: Cotton + Medical glue
38 15 pairs Spike Shoes
Upper Material : Smooth Leather
Style : High top
Sole Material : Rubber
Inner Material : Textiles
Size 37- 5 pcs
Size 28- 5 pcs
Size 30- 5 pcs
39 10 pcs Futsal Balls, official
PURPOSE: To be used during the Batang Pinoy 2019 on February 12, 2019 @ Iloilo City (SPORTS COMMISSION).
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