PR NO. 18-01-0139 (1 unit Audio Mixer & etc. For use in Provincial Information Office)

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Cebu
Cebu Capitol, Cebu City
Control No. 19-0035 Dated : January 25, 2019
Note: Please state the fullname of the establishment as appearing in P. R. No. 19-01-0139 Dated : January 25, 2019
SEC Registration/DTI, PhilGEPS, Official Receipts and O.R. No. 100-18-12-3647 Dated :
Business/Mayor’s Permit. ABC: P635,400.00
            Please quote your prices on the following listed articles which the Province of Cebu desires  to  buy  if
to the government. For clarification & inquiry call Telefax Nos. 253-7160 or 888-2328 local 1228 – 1229 or email us
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♥ Place of Delivery: ___________________________ ATTY. MARK C. TOLENTINO
♥ Note: Must have a satellite office/service center in Cebu for supplier outside Cebu.                     BAC Chairman
♥ Please attaced Certified True Copy of Business Permit.
Item Quantity Unit                             Articles and Description Brand Offer Unit cost Total Price
1 1 unit Audio Mixer 16 channels
D-PRE discrete Class A microphone preamps with inverted Darlington circuit design
X-pressive EQ gives you the warmth and musicality of classic vintage EQs
Intelligent 1-knob compressors add optimally set compression to a wide variety of input sources
Simple, analog-style control of sophisticated DSP functions
Traditional analog feel with the functionality that only digital technology can offer
Stereo Hybrid channel is a new way of approaching sound reinforcement in the digital age
Priority Ducker lets a microphone to take priority over another sound source automatically
Leveler “auto levels” tracks from a sound source that varies in volume
Stereo Image seamlessly narrows the spectrum, so widespread audiences hear an accurate mix
REV-X reverb gives you 3 incredible-sounding, high-resolution reverbs
Yamaha`s acclaimed SPX digital multi-effects processor with 16 advanced digital effects
USB port to connect your iPod or iPhone for easy playback with a single connection
Metal chassis for rugged professional durability
Internal universal power supply lets you plug in with confidence in any region with 100V to 240V
2 2 units Rack with mixer top studio 12 rack units
3 1 unit Amplifier 4 channels
😯 stereo power: 4*1350W, 4O stereo power: 4*1700W, 2O stereo power: 4*2380W,  😯 bridge
power: 2*3400W, 4O bridge power: 2*4760W
RMS output voltage (THD=1%, 1kHz): 98V
rising slope (1kHz, bypass low-pass filter): 50V/us
Input sensitivity (rated output power, 1kHz): selectable: 41dB, 38dB, 35dB, 32dB
THD+N (10% rated output power, typical value): 0.01% IMD-SMPTE (10% rated output power,
typical value): 0.01%
DIM30 (10% rated output power, typical value): 0.01%
Crosstalk suppression (less than rated power, 20 Hz ~ 1 kHz): = 80 dB
Frequency response (10% rated output power, 8O, 20Hz~20 kHz): ±0.2dB
Damping coefficient (8O, 20Hz~200Hz): =5000
Input impedance: 20kO (balance), 10kO (unbalanced)
Signal to noise ratio (A credit, 20Hz~20kHz): =109dB
Power requirements 90~260VAC, 50~60 Hz
Protection function: power supply undervoltage protection, power amplifier output DC protection,
overheat protection, temperature power control, overload power control
Chassis size (height * width * length): 483mm × 44mm × 370mm
Net weight: 8.8kg
4 1 unit Speaker/Amplifier Set Luggage Type
Frequency range (-10dB) 60Hz – 20kHz
Maximum sound pressure level 121dB SPL (peak)
Power supply AC100V, 50/60Hz
Product made in enclosure polypropylene, black
Dimensions (W X H X D) 658*465*301mm (at the time of a connection)
16 kg of mass (at the time of a connection only as for the body)
Dynamic model microphone made in speaker cable (approximately 4.5m) *2, AKG,
Microphone holder, microphone porch, microphone cable (approximately 4m), power supply cord,
Number of the input channels 8 (4 monaural +2 stereos)
It is XLR and a standard faun composition type terminal for (3P) terminal, form ch1 – 4
It is standard faun (3P) or RCA ch5/6
It is standard faun (3P) or a stereo mini faun ch7/8
Output terminal, form monitor L/R: Standard faun (3P) or RCA
Headphones: Stereo mini-faun
Sub woofer: Standard faun (3P)
Speaker L/R: Standard faun (2P)
Equalizer high level / low level: ± 12dB, shell Bing
Power amp 300W (150W *2), Class D
Dimensions (W X H X D) 301*465*206mm
4.7 kg of mass (only as for the body)
5 2 units Speaker Passive 350W
15 inches
350 watts
Passive speaker
6 2 units Studio Microphone Cardiod & Multipolar Broadcast
with chorus mic. 48V
7 1 unit Equalizer Dual Band 31 Band
8 3 rolls Audio Cable Klotz
standard microphone cable, 50m/roll
9 2 units Audio Interface Multichannel
48kHz, 2-channel USB Audio Interface with 1 XENYX Preamp, Phantom Power and Instrument Input
10 4 sets Dual Wireless Microphones
11 2 units Active Bluetooth Speaker
15 inches, 1000w
12 1 unit Analog Mixer
D-PRE discrete Class-A mic preamps deliver clean and natural sound
One-knob compressors provide easy-to-use dynamics control
EQ and highpass filters allow for effective sound-shaping
Built-in SPX digital effects add polish and professionalism
High quality op-amp ensures transparent sound reproduction
13 1 set Communication Set, 4 channels
*4 units belt pack
Microphone Amplifier (From Microphone to Line)
Dynamic Headset Mic impedance: 200 ohm
Voltage Gain: 44+/-3dB
Harmonic Distortion:less than 1%(1000Hz)
Headphone Amplifier (From Line to Load)
Load impedance: 50-600 ohm
Voltage Gain: 31+/-3dB
Harmonic Distortion:less than 2%(1000Hz)
Power Requirements 24V DC,60mA+/-10mA
Power Range:12-30V DC
Environment 10~55oC
The BK-501 is compatible with TELEX and Clear-Com Party-Line intercoms.
Specification HD-101
Sensitivity =94dB at 1KHz,1mW
Frequency Response 100to6000Hz
Impedance 100ohm
Sensitivity -57±3dB
Frequency Response 50Hz-6000Hz
Impedance 200ohm ± 10%
PURPOSE: For use in Provincial Information Office.
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