Speech of Hilario P. Davide III at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Mactan Cebu Airport – Terminal 2

Hilario P. Davide III
Governor of the Province of Cebu
at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Mactan Cebu Airport – Terminal 2

[Delivered at Lapu-Lapu Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, on June 29, 2015]

Today we start building the new gateway to Cebu.

The GMR Megawide invitation promises that the structure is going to feel like a resort, – a resort that just happens to have an airport.

Last year,  Cebu had over 2 Million arrivals.  We,  the local governments of Cebu,  and our partners in the business community are doing our best to increase that volume,  double or even triple that volume in the coming years.

This airport will be their first sight in Cebu.

“So this is Cebu.”

And we want that first sight,  not just to welcome them as our guests, but we want that first sight to be the start of a beautiful and memorable visit.  We want that first few minutes to say “you are important to us,  come in.”  We want that first sight to say “this is Cebu.  Be with us”

The Cebuanos thank his Excellency President Noynoy Aquino for this big boost to Cebu’s economy – in terms of new money coming in,  in terms of a grander signature in the travel world,  in terms of a better facility for travellers coming to Cebu.

The Cebuanos thank those who all worked for this project – from those first envisioned this new airport,  to the finance team who put together money for this project,  to the planners,  and architects,  and engineers,  and everybody who believed in it,  and acted on their belief.

There are those who remain unbelievers, those who wish to do this project harm.  There are those who,  for reasons only they understand,  wish this project not to proceed.

I say,  look beyond your own personal interests.  I urge, look to what is good for Cebu.

Some of those in the sidelines may not like the president,  may not like me.  But I ask that we set aside these petty differences and unite for the good of Cebu.

All of us here,  are here,  because the Cebuanos trusted us.

With the help of God,  let us abide by that trust.

Now that we have this,  all we need to do is build the beaches and invite the whales to swim with the divers in the south.  We will make sure there will be a smooth and relaxing beach a few minutes from here.  We will,  of course, make sure to have the historical site where Roman Catholicism was first established in the Philippines.  We will make sure there shall be the fantastic golf courses in the north.

I think we can do that.

Thank you for being here.  Good morning to all.

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Posted by Cebu Provincial Government on Monday, 29 June 2015