Speech of Governor Hilario P. Davide III at the JICA+MCDCB : The Roadmap Study for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu (Workshop Interim 2 – Report)

Hilario P. Davide III
Governor of the Province of Cebu
at the JICA+MCDCB : The Roadmap Study for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu (Workshop Interim 2 – Report)

[Delivered at Provincial Capitol Social Hall, Cebu City on August 13, 2014]

I thank Mr Ken Kumazawa and his team for their labors the past year.  We were starting the campaign for the 2013 elections when Mr Bobby Aboitiz and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce started to conceptualize this Study.

The plan for Cebu 2050 is a development framework to make what we now term as Mega Cebu a better place for business, a more livable place for us who live here and for those visiting Cebu.

I heard the Interim Report on land use and structures,  on roads and transport,  on water supply and solid waste management.

And most of these are centered in Cebu City,  in Mandaue City and in Lapulapu.

I am urging JICA and this Board to also,  first,  take a look at the rest of the towns and cities and two,  issue recommendations on how we may develop these areas.

We have to ensure not only quick and convenient access between the urban center and the outlying towns,  but we also want to ensure that there will be economic opportunities in these outlying towns.  We do not want these outlying towns to become “bedroom communities” as it is happening in the suburbs of Metro Manila.

My idea of development is the development of the whole.  No classification of “urban” or “rural”

I think it would be unfair to ask the rural areas to give up valuable arable land to accommodate solid waste from the city.  Or to access their valuable resources,  like water,  for consumption in the city.  Or pollute their air with a coal plant or a cement factory just to provide power and construction materials for consumption in the city.

I believe it would work for a more livable urban center if development is spread outside.  I believe life in the outlying towns will better if the workers need not commute to and from the city every morning.

How do we accomplish this?

That is the recommendation I am looking for.