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Governor Hilario P. Davide III Second Inaugural Address: The Full Text

Padayon Mauswagong Sugbo: Sustaining Inclusive Growth
Second Inaugural Address

Governor, Province of Cebu

Provincial Capitol, Cebu City
30 June 2016

Affirming the Mandate for Change

The numbers in the 2016 elections provide huge, new challenges.

I got the message – loud and clear.

Distinguished guests, fellow public servants, mga hinigugma kong mga Sugbuanon:

Salamat sa padayon ninyong pagsalig kanako. I thank all the Cebuanos for their renewed trust and confidence in me, and in my teammate Vice-Governor Agnes Magpale.

This is a mandate which, again, must be held sacred and fulfilled with utmost fidelity. Sa dakong pagpaubos, akong gidawat ang inyong ikaduhang mandato.

Ako mapasaligon kaninyo nga dili nako usikan ang ikaduhang higayon sa pangagamhanan nga inyong gitugyan kanako.

Continuing Change

I stood before you three years ago today, and I promised change. I also promised hard work, and I asked all of you to sacrifice. I did my work, and you gave me this. So, I will continue to embrace this change. I will give to you what you are asking for. In my second term of office, you can expect to see me and hear of me more often. You will see whatever I am doing – big or small – for you, especially those in the cities and the countryside.

The challenge then, and now, demands sacrifice from all of us, the work then, and ahead, demand utmost diligence, skills, energy and determination from all of us, individually and collectively.

Let us not forget honesty and sincerity. Loyalty, if you must.

Today, I continue to endeavour in what we have promised to accomplish as I believe in my fellow Cebuano. I shall never falter as I have learned a lot and will lead those who continue to be faithful to get the results we have wanted when we started this journey.

Stay the course, we will get there – with or despite, the non-believers.

2013 and 2016 and Road Maps

Ang atong kampanya sa 2013 ug 2016 gisukad sa maayong pangagamhanan, wala sa pasundayag. Ang atong gisa-ad tinud-anay ug tim-os nga pangalagad, usa ka gobyerno nga walay gitago, walay lubog-lubog, masusi ang gipamuhat niini ug ang mga nagdumala maduol sa tanang higayon.
In 2013, we campaigned on the issue of good government. In 2016, we continue to believe that an honest, transparent, accountable, effective, efficient and sincere government is the backbone of real and sustainable progress.

As we work hard and deliver the fruits of our 6-Key Development Agenda, we were almost sidetracked by intense, malicious personal attacks on our administration by some of our fellow Cebuanos who wish for us not to succeed. Let us not allow them to deny us this great opportunity to change our community. Ang gibalik balik nga issue mao nga ang Davide Administration walay nabuhat sa unang termino. Tinood wala kitay nabuhat nga pangurakot kay ato kapunay gihuna-huna nga kining atong pag serbisyo dili para sa atong kaugalingong pagpalambo kun dili pagpalambo sa atong gipang alagaran.

Let me say it again: Our vision for Cebu is simple. It is ambitious, but simple.

Every Cebuano has equal opportunity to achieve one’s aspirations for a better life. We want to see Cebu as a peaceful, resilient community where people cooperate and share the benefits of a nurturing ecology and vibrant economy.

This vision and our mission are not about me. It is about us being together in building a brighter future for generations to come. And so, I implore you once again – challenge you – to support the programs of your provincial government. Be counted and be one with us.

Reaping the Rewards

We will continue to build an honest, corruption-free, reliable local government to provide quality and adequate services to all Sugbuanons.

Our overarching agenda are anchored on poverty reduction, and equitable, inclusive growth through stakeholder participation and a culture of transparency and accountability in government.

This culture of governance has brought us honours for Cebu. Bunga kini sa atong pagtinabangay subay sa ligdong nga pangagamhanan.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government awarded Cebu the Seal of Good Local Governance. We have done well in financial housekeeping, disaster preparedness, social protection, business friendliness and competitiveness, environmental management, and peace and order.

The National Competitiveness Council, in its first ever survey of provinces, ranked Cebu third in economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure.

The Department of Finance recognized our Province as the most efficient in revenue collection in the entire region. Locally-sourced revenue rose by 40 percent. We did this without burdening our constituents with additional taxes. This is a testament of our taxpayers’ trust and confidence in our provincial government.

The Anti-Illegal Fishing Task Force of our Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office was awarded by the Philippine National Police as outstanding government organization for its efforts in market denial. Illegally caught fish, rare or endangered species were restricted from the market.

These are some of the recognitions that should inspire and challenge us to do more and do better. As I have always exhorted every Subuanon: dugangan pa gyud nato ang atong kakugi ug pagtinabangay.

Healthcare and Social Services

We continue to dream of world-class hospitals and health services that are free and available to indigents, affordable and accessible to all the Sugbuanons, especially the elderly.

In 2013, we promised that we will reach out and cooperate with medical schools, societies and organizations, and the private sector in helping our districts hospitals to be adequately equipped with properly trained personnel and delivering effective services.

Mao kini ang atung gibuhat. Ang nag una sa atong mga priority programs mao ang paghatag ug quality and accessible health care services labi na gyud sa mga indigents natong mga kaigsoonan pinaagi sa Philhealth’s Point-of-Care program.

While we are upgrading our hospitals and facilities, we continue to reach out sa matag Sugbuanon hilabi na sa mga vulnerable sectors, including women and children, the OFWs and victims of calamities.

Ang atong “Halad sa Gugma Alang Kang Lolo ug Lola” naka hatag ug hinabang sa kapin 72,000 ka mga senior citizens sa mga kalungsuran.

Those wanting to learn – youth, women, and persons with disabilities – shall have the opportunity to acquire skills, those wanting to work, can make a decent living. Mao na nga gisugdan na pud natu ang pagbansay ubos sa TESDA niadtong buot manarbaho sa makinarya ug industriya. Aduna usab kitay na enroll sa tulo ka bulan nga training course kabahin sa pagdumala sa mga tourism enterprises. Nagsugod na ang ilang training niaging tuig. Subay kini sa atong tinguha nga makahatag og trabaho sa kalungsuran.

Through the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission, we will continue our Grassroots Sports Development and develop new programs. Kita nagtuo nga ang sports development para sa tanan, dili lang sa mga anaa sa patag, kon dili lakip na usab sa mga batan-on didto sa lagyo nga kabukiran.

Basic Education, Technical and Vocational Training

We shall continue to aim for globally-prepared young Sugbuanons thru free education, professional institutions with competent educators and adequate facilities.

Ang atong Special Education Fund mitubo usab gikan sa 115 milyones pesos ngadto sa hapit dos siyentos milyones pesos. Padayon natu ipang-apud-apud ang atung pondo para sa mga armchairs ug mga libro alang sa mga public elementary schools nga nanginahanglan ini. Magpatukod pa ta ug dugang nga mga classrooms. Subay sa atong prinsipyo sa decentralization, ang kalungsuran ang mangunay sa pagtukod niini.

Ipadayon ang atong scholarship program alang sa mga valedictorian ug salutatorian. We now have (805) scholars. Last year, (132) of them graduated college; (87) are academic awardees – (79) cum laudes received P10,000 each and 8 magna cum laudes received P20,000 each, and all the graduates including those with academic honors received P5,000 each.

The ongoing collaboration of the Saitama Prefecture of Japan and the University of San Jose-Recoletos provides a platform for international partnership between Cebu and Saitama. The graduates of the “Saitama-Cebu Comprehensive Human Resource Monozukuri Project” are able to apply their knowledge in engineering and technical education.

Yes, we want to have literate, vocational-technical trained, and highly-skilled Sugbuanons gainfully employed by local and international industries.

Countryside Development, Food Security and Agriculture

Sa pagsugod sa atung termino, naghisgot tag pagkaon. Ang kabalaka kon unsay ibutang sa lamesa, maoy atong unahon pag-atiman. Dinhi ang mag-uuma mahimong sukaranan sa atong paningkamot alang sa kauswagan.

Dako ang atong pagtuo nga ang kaugmaran sa kalungsuran ug sakop nga dakbayan nagsukad sa mas malambu-on nga panguma. Karon aduna kitay (2,404) ka mga experimental fields sa Farmer-Scientists Training Program o FSTP sa (310) ka barangay sa tanang lungsod ug dakbayan nga sakop ning lalawigan sa Sugbo. Ang tuyo sa FSTP arun makat-on ang mga mag-uuma sa bag-o ug inantigo nga mga paagi, pinasikad sa syensya. We improve the lives of farmers by providing them with skills and technical know-how to become better farmers. They are our heroes of the land.

Consistent with the key agenda of the incoming Duterte Administration, we have planned to develop and expand our existing fisheries and aquatic resources program in our coastal communities.

There will be more fisherfolk and farmer-entrepreneurs in our countryside with more than enough harvests to fill in the increasing demand of our population. We will attain this sufficiency.

To support food security and agriculture, we will continue to provide the needed infrastructure from our own resources and thru World Bank-funded PRDP, DILG-Kalsada Program, and other funding facilities. We will also tap support facilities from DTI and other government agencies.

Indeed, we want to have empowered fisherfolk and farmer-entrepreneurs with increased incomes, access to viable credit, post-harvest facilities, and global market.

Infrastructure, Tourism, Investments, Trade, and Culture

We will pursue our dream of world-class, functioning, and corruption-free infrastructures for water, power, transport, tourism, and connectivity thru public-private partnerships.

This term will oversee the implementation of flagship infrastructure projects that will spur food production and processing, countryside investments, and community-based tourism.

We may start with tourism as a key industry. Dako kaayo’g matabang ang turismo. We promised to develop community-based tourism programs designed to promote the specific localities, particularly their culture and heritage. We shall have one this year.

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan has enacted Provincial Ordinance No. 2014-08 to establish a one-stop shop for investors, domestic or foreign, who wish to do business in Cebu. We now have a Provincial Investment and Incentives Code and Cebu Investment and Promotions Office. This bridges the gap between what the investor needs and expects and what Cebu or any town and city wants.

JICA recently finished its investment study of Metro Cebu, and will engage the Province hopefully later this year or early next year for an expanded study to cover the entire island.

We want to ensure that future public investments will meet the needs of private capital. Kinahanglan nga atong aghaton ang pribadong sector sa pagpamuhunan didto sa kalungsuran. We will continue to support the micro, small, medium enterprises or MSMEs as they help local entrepreneurs, especially in the countryside.

We will continue to engage the local government, private sector, national agencies and other stakeholders in providing essential public investments. We will push hard for the construction of a new international seaport in Consolacion. We are reviewing options for the development of other seaports such as in Minglanilla, Bogo, and Santander among others.

Our CAAP has started the studies on the airports in Bantayan and Camotes. We shall vigorously pursue these to complement our countryside development plan.

We already have the endorsement of both the PDC and RDC for the Trans-Axial Highway study. We will follow this up with the NEDA Board until its fruition. As we do this, we will look for partners who will do the feasibility study of a railway network and sea transport facilities around Cebu to complement that of the trans-axial highway.

Another important area for public investment is water. It has been a nagging issue for decades. I share the serious concern and efforts to address this critical problem in collaboration with NEDA, DENR, DPWH and other stakeholders. I have always exhorted our potential partners and investors to look for sources and financing for areas to complement that of MCWD’s current operations.

Other needed investment areas are solar energy farms and solid waste management. We will pursue these in strategic areas throughout the province.

We shall invite investors and continue to develop new economic zones in the south and in the north. Economic zone equals employment. Ports and transport facilities equals connectivity, accessibility and convenience in trade. Major investment equals benefits to every ordinary Cebuano.

These will be done by a corruption free government to accelerate world class investments that create quality jobs and competitive business climate for all

Environmental Protection, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Cebu is our home. We will protect our home – the watersheds, the mangrove areas, our marine sanctuaries. There shall be a sustainable, prudent and responsible use of our natural resources.

Tungod sa mga katalagman nga atong nahiaguman sa mga nilabay nga katuigan, atong nasabtan ang kamahinungdanon sa pangandam, atong nasabutan ug unsay angay andamon, ug atong gibuhat ang mga pangandam.

We have shown a resilient Cebu. We shall continue to empower and prepare our communities to adopt a Zero-Casualty policy during calamities.

I am happy that we now have a functioning Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office. Ang PDRRMO maoy mahimong coordinator sa atong mga paningkamot. Dul-an na sa 5 ka libo nga mga Sugbuanon ang naka agi ug orientation ug pagbansay-bansay. Naapil ang mga batan-on, ang simbahan, mga magtutudlo ug mga negosyante.

We continue to work on contingency plans, disaster risk and management ug climate change adaptation program. We will engage competent and qualified partner to help us produce these plans for all our LGUs and promote a culture of preparedness for disasters and climate change. This has never been done before.

Kita maoy responsable sa pag panalipod sa kinaiyahan.

I have again directed our PENRO to continue protecting our environment by engaging various stakeholders in the different localities. We are reviewing and will adopt and implement plans and programs that will increase revenues of the provincial government.

Indeed, we must have a liveable and green Cebu engaged in sustainable development initiatives, implementing environment-friendly policies, and adapting to climate change.

Law and Order

We must continue to endeavour to have peaceful communities and prosperous families free from hunger, illegal drugs, human trafficking, cyber and other crimes, particularly against women and children.

In the campaign against illegal drugs, our Cebu Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CPADAC), now a full-pledged office as CPDAO, has extended its all-out support to our law enforcement agencies, especially the Cebu Provincial Police Office, to eradicate the supply of illegal drugs. Make no mistake, we will run after those who destroy the lives of our innocent children.

We will continue to cooperate with relevant national and international agencies in our fight against human trafficking, cybercrimes and other criminal activities.

Indeed, we are optimistic to make a difference in this campaign as this is one of the centrepieces of President Rodrigo Duterte’s key development agenda.

While we are steadfast in our campaign, we will also continue to provide appropriate assistance to those who want to reform. Sa Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center nasugdan ang Alternative Learning System ug livelihood projects. Gawas na lang nga mokita ang mga binilanggo, ang ilang hikat-unan magamit sa maayong panginabuhi inig gawas nila sa bilanggo-an.

Reaching Out, Linking Up

We forged partnership with the Asia Public-Private Partnership Institute of Toyo University for possible PPP projects in Cebu. Together with our Japanese partners, we will work closely in improving our health facilities, land use planning, and disaster preparedness.

The Australian government has also partnered with the Province under the Coordinating Roads and Infrastructure Investment for Development or CRID. Kining programa gatudlo kon unsaon pagplano ang mga karsada o pantalan aron sa pagsiguro nga tinud-anay kining mapuslan, ug dakog ikatabang sa kadaghanan.

We have renewed our Twinning Agreement with Busan, South Korea and St. Petersburg, a key city of the Russian Federation. These agreements promote trade, investments, tourism, arts, culture, and sports.

Ang “Our Cebu Program” pinangulohan sa atong halangdong Bise-Gobernador Agnes Magpale nagpadayon uban sa dalaygong kakugi. Our Cebu Program in partnership with RAFI continues to implement the livable scorecard system that enhances the LGUs’ role to make them attractive places to live, work, play, invest and do business.

Gitigum ug gipalihok nato ang Provincial Development Council. The working committees in the Council ensure wide participation by all sectors in the planning, implementation and monitoring of provincial projects.

The change that we are creating from within should lead to more effective development initiatives. Mapasalamatun gyud kita sa atong Provincial Board for passing needful ordinances in support of our development agenda.

Sustaining the Partnership

Today, we start anew our partnership to make a better life for all Cebuanos.

When we began this journey, we enjoined our employees to be one with us. We encouraged departments to be results-oriented. We focused on deliverables. We continued to professionalize the workforce. We reorganized for efficient and effective delivery of our services.

We will not stop innovating.

I have directed our provincial administrator and our department heads to roll up their sleeves anew – as I have mine – and walk our talk fast and clean.

We will infuse new professional workforce to revitalize Capitol.

We will have new heavy equipment to build and pave the roads in the countryside.

We will have the DRR-CCA contingency plans for all LGUs to empower them.

We will have the resource center to provide space for and add revenue to Capitol.

We will make optimum use of our real properties and other assets, including the immediate resolution of the 93-1 resettlement issue, the redevelopment plan of the entire compound and the negotiation with the Supreme Court on Palace of Justice building to improve our resources and, when the right time comes, leave behind a healthy Capitol.

I know that you want to hear what you can expect in my second term of office and how we shall make it differently this time.

Do not trifle with my intent. Be part of the process, but let it roll its proper course.

As I have said, habug ang hagit sa atong atubangan. It demands much from us, your choice. It also demands much from you who did the choosing.

In dreams begin responsibilities.

Akong angkonon nga habug ang atong damgo, apan ako usab nga isaad ang akong kinatibuk-an nga paningkamot aron makab-ot kini.

Before I end, I wish to thank sincerely Vice-Governor, Agnes Magpale, for whom I have the highest respect and deepest admiration.

My sincerest thanks sa atong mga kauban sa pulitika ug sa trabahao dinhis Kapitolyo, salamat ninyong tanan. Sa atong mga consultants, salamat gyud kaayo ninyo.

And finally ug pinaka importante, sa akong pamilya—the Davides and Angans. Labi na gyud kang Jobel and our three daughters, Paje, Dia and Nina—who have been my source of strength and inspiration all throughout my public life. I thank my best friend and confidant, Jobel, for her love, patience, understanding and support, and for all her sacrifices.

Above all, I thank God Almighty for His blessings and for this rare opportunity to serve my fellow Cebuanos.

Padayon kita sa atong panaw sa kauswagan ning atong lalawigan sa Sugbo, sa kalambuan sa matag Sugbuanon.

Daghan kaayong salamat sa inyong padayung pagsalig ug pagtuo.

God bless us all. God bless Cebu.