Areas affected by Tropical Depression Queenie


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Status of affected areas in relation to tropical depression ‘Queenie’. Information was gathered and vetted by Cebu Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office and Local Government Units.


Progress and Assessment Reports
As of December 1, 2014
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*Initial reports will be subjected for further evaluation.


Cebu Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CEBECO) 1 is setting themselves 2 to 3 hours to fully restore power in its area coverage depending on the situation.

CEBECO 1 covers Carcar City, Sibonga, Argao, Dalaguete, Alcoy, Oslob, Santander, Moalboal, Badian, Dumanjug and Barili.

Power in Malabuyoc has already restored.

However, CEBECO 1 informed that restoring power in Oslob and neighboring towns may take a little while due to many fallen electric posts.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec 1)
      • Seven (7) famalies were evacuated from brgy. Jomgao at Cerge Remonde Complex.
      • Three (3) foot bridges were damaged. Two (2) from Brgy. Jomgao and one (1) from bgry. Canbanua.
    • As of 7 PM (Nov. 27)
      • Due to heavy flood, Argao River is expanding beyond usual.
    • As of 5 PM (Nov. 27)
      • No reported casualties, no fatalities, no missing. Damage to infrastructure and agriculture only. One foot bridge damaged in Brgy. Canbanua.
    • As of 10 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Water level of Argao River rose. 100 individuals from Brgy. Jomgao have been evacuated to Cerge Remonde Sports Complex.
      • Fifty families from Barangays Bulasa, Langtad, Canbanua, Poblacion and Jomgao have already been evacuated as well.Aside from the sports complex, barangay halls served as evacuation centers of Argawanons living near coastal areas and the riverside.
      • Two foot bridges in Brgy. Jomgao have been damaged.
      • Roads in Barangays Bala-as, Linut-od and Calagasan are blocked due to landslides.
      • Fallen trees blocked vegetable highway in Barangay Botong.
    • As of 9 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Residents of Barangays Cansuje, Mabasa and other landslide-prone areas have already been evacuated to Cerge Remonde Sports and Cultural Center.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec 1)
      • Flooding in Poblacion area. No damages were reported.
      • A motorized bangka was capsized but all passengers and crew were rescued by local authorities.
    • As of 7 PM (Nov. 27)
      • 2-3 meters wide flood reached its 10-15 feet high bridge. Houses nearby have already been flooded.

    • As of 1PM (Dec 1)
      • A certain Alona Mababol, F, 50, a resident of brgy Poblacion 1 was reported dead by local authorities.
      • Three (3) houses from bgry. Sto. Nino was washed out due to heavy floods brought about by the overflowing river.
      •  One hundred (100) families from brgy. Lombo, Looc, and Sto. Nino was evacuated at the Municipality and Poblacion Elementary School.
      • Water pipes along the Poblacion are wiped out brought about by heavy floods. As of this morning, water supply in the area is cut off.
    • As of 9 AM (Nov 28)
      • The Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) sent water tanks and water task force personnel to Malabuyoc yesterday. More water tanks will be sent out today. PEO will conduct assessment on infrastructure damage and will work with Department of Public Works and Highways for repair of national roads and bridges.
    • As of 7 PM (Nov. 27)
      • Sto. Niño Bridge, formerly known as Saliring Bridge is no longer accessible to any vehicles.
      • Barangay tanods and PDRRMO teams are currently conducting clearing operations in the area. Clearing operation is expected to finish tomorrow due to heavy flood still present in the town.
    • As of 11 AM (Nov. 27)
      • In barangay Poblacion 1 three houses have been completely washed away by the overflown Saliring River.
      • One of the owners, Alona Baldado, 50 year old, was found dead. At 5:00 am, Baldado’s house was ravaged by the heavy flood. She was with son, 7 years old Jason Baldado but the child was rescued. Baldado’s body is now situated in a chapel.
      • Owners of the other houses, Tony Lecera, father of 2 children and Eduardo Satar, father of 5 children were successfully rescued after being trapped.
      • Water level rose after heavy rains poured down at 3:00 am earlier.
      • 30 individuals of Brgy. Poblacion 1 have been evacuated and now staying at the residence of Brgy. Capt. Manolito Quiñanola.
      • Other victims are evacuated in the town gym and barangay halls.
      • Thirty to forty houses in Brgy. Poblacion 1 and another 40 houses in Brgy. Sto. Niño have been affected by the river.The two barangays are situated right beside Saliring River.
    • As of 9 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Experiencing waist-level flood. Residents have already been evacuated to the town hall and elementary school. Affected barangays in the town are Sto. Niño, Looc, Lumbo, and Sorsogon.

    • As of 1PM (Dec 1)
      • Celeciano Looc of brgy. Casereswas reported missing by local authorities. Flashfloods causes some roads murky and muddy.
    • As of 3 PM (Nov 28)
      • No landslides, only fallen trees. No roadblocks as well because the municipal disaster risk reduction and management team immediately conducted clearing operations.
      • Power and water supplies are back in town.
      • Lagnasan River in Brgy. Lagundi almost spilled due to heavy rain and lack of drainage system in a reclaimed area nearby. The drainage system concern has already been forwarded to DPWH.
      • The peak of the typhoon happened at around 6-7 am yesterday. Local officials were preparing for evacuation of residents in the coastal areas. However, evacuation didn’t push through because water already subsided at around 9-10am.
    • As of 11 AM (Nov. 28)
      • Internet connection is down.
      • Places affected by flood are the following barangays: • Looc – 48 households with 217 family members (1 house totally damaged,16 partially damaged and 31 affected only) • Calumpang – 2 households with 9 family members (2 houses partially damaged) • Lagunde – 38 households (17 houses partially and 21 affected only) • Gawi – 2 households with 5 family members (1 house totally damaged and 1 partially damaged) • Pungtod – 3 households with 13 family memebers (1 house totally damaged and 2 partially damaged) • Poblacion – 51 households with 187 family members (2 houses partially damaged and 49 affected only) • Nueva Caceres – 106 households with 426 family members (18 houses partially damaged and 88 affected only)
      • 6 sacks of rice which were delivered to day care centers in Nueva Caceres, Pungtod and Gawi for supplemental feeding were soaked.
    • As of 9 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Many trees have fallen down but roads are passable as the LGU already conducted clearing operations.
      • A certain Celesiano Looc, 45 years old, resident of Brgy. Caseres is reported missing. He was last seen yesterday 3pm fishing around Oslob seas. Oslob LGU is already conducting search & rescue operation for Looc.

    • As of 7 PM (Nov. 27)
      • Dalaguete Bridge going to Mantalongon is impassable due to sustained cracks. There are also landslides along the roads.
    • As of 2:30 PM (Nov. 27)
      • In Brgy. Tabon, 10 houses were destroyed and 20 were damaged by the typhoon. Residents have already been evacuated in Tabon barangay hall and day care center.
      • Tabon Bridge sustained cracks causing a nearby house to almost fall down the cliff.
      • One adult and two children in the same barangay were injured due to fallen debris (GI sheet and hollow blocks).
      • In Brgy. Corro, 30 sea vessels were damaged worth P2.5 million. The vessels were at the custody of Bantay Dagat.
      • No power supply still in town but potable water is available.
      • In Brgy. Poblacion, 72 families have been evacuated to Dalaguete Sports Center.
    • As of 10 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Sulong-on Bridge has been damaged and was closed down due to unstable condition.
      • River control dikes in town were damaged also.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec. 1)
      • Landslide at brgy. Tikyaob
      • Two (2) houses made of light materials were damages at Brgy. Pandan due to storm surge.
      • Twenty five (25) families were evacuated from Brgy. Lamacan and Brgy. Simala to Bonifacio R. Bacaltos sports complex.
    • As of 1 PM (Nov. 27)
      • 29 families from Brgy. Poblacion have been evacuated to Bonifacio R. Bacaltos Sports and Cultural Complex.
      • One bantay dagat pumpboat has been destroyed by strong sea waves.
      • A tree in Brgy. Simala caused damage to a house beside it after parts of its roots were uprooted by Queenie.
      • No casualties reported.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec 1)
      • Some areas don’t have potable water.
    • As of 9:30 AM (Nov. 27)
      • Experienced heavy floods. A creek has overflown causing damage to the town’s water system.
      • No power and water supply in town.
      • Fallen trees blocked national road but the LGU conducted a clearing operation already.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec 1)
      • Flooding in Poblacion area. No damages were reported.
      • A fisherman named Ronaldo Mayorga, M, was reported missing but was later rescued by local authorities.
      • Water pipelines were destroyed which resulted to water supply problems.
    • As of 2 PM (Nov. 27)
      • Rolando Mayorga, a fisherman from Brgy. Poblacion, Samboan has been found alive floating in the sea near Brgy. Bonbon. He was reported missing this morning.
      • Town experienced minor damage in its water system after the creek swelled. The swelling creek also caused damage to Samboan’s famous Aguinid Falls in Brgy. Tangbo.

    • As of 1 PM (Dec 1)
      • Flooding in Poblacion area near the bridge, flash floods along the roads from Casay to Kawayan, Dalaguete, landslide along the road to Brgy. Corro and Tapon.
      • A bridge going to Brgy. Mantalongon suffered cracks after the heavy flooding. The said bridge is not passable and is cordoned by local officials.
      • Boats docking along the coastal were damaged due to strong waves.
      • An acacia tree fell down over a house
    • As of 5 PM (Nov. 27)
      • Five houses in Brgy. Tubod-Dugoan were damaged by the typhoon.