Vet free services save money, time for livestock farmers

The livestock farmers in the province saved money from the Capitol’s veterinary outreach services.

For every dose of dewormer, vitamins and vaccine for every animal is estimated to cost Php 330 if conducted by a private veterinarian.

They also saved time from going down their mountain barangays to look for these services elsewhere. It is the Capitol employees together with the personnel in the municipal or city agriculture office who would bring these services to them.

Dr. Louie Maestrado, Animal Health Division chief of the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office (PVO), said this is the main goal of the program.

It provides the much needed support to the subsistence farmers especially those who raise cattles, carabao and goats.

He said these “farmers rely on the services from the government unlike the hog and poultry raisers who get services from private companies.”

Maestrado headed the veterinary outreach program activities in Barangay Vive, Ronda last July 22.

They have injected doses of dewormer, vitamins and vaccine to 69 cattle, 72 carabaos and more than 33 goats during the activity.

These were brought to Barangay Vive based on the request of Barangay Captain Canuto Sabio.  The Municipal Agriculture Office MAO also provided bottles of vitamins and dewormer as their contribution to the program.

Almost all of the residents of Barangay Vive, a mountain barangay, are livestock raisers to support their farming livelihood.

Marcial Ybarat, a backyard carabao breeder, appreciated the services. He said that he could not say negative comments against their government officials for doing their job saying, “Di binotbot ba ang istorya. Laksot ma na (They’re not making lies. It is bad).”

Ybarat used to own six carabaos but sold five of them to support the college education of his grandchildren. The eldest, who is a scholar of Capitol’s Cebu Tertiary Education Assistance Program, will be graduating in March.