USC, Capitol launched PWD film contest

The University of San Carlos (USC) and the Cebu Provincial Government through PB member Arleigh Jay Sitoy has launched a first ever advocacy film competition in Cebu.

The contest is called “SALIDASIG”: A PWD Advocacy Video Contest. It is a competition of short motion picture or video entries in service of Persons with Disabilities in the province of Cebu, according to Cebuano playwright Diem Judilla, a member of USC film faculty.

SALIDASIG is a combined word taken from “SALIDA”, for show or spectacle and “DASIG” for motivation and encouragement. Alternatively, the word “SALI” means to join, or to be part of.

PB Sitoy said the contest pursues three advocacies: 1. To preserve and promote Cebuano language; 2.To advance the cause of PWDs; and 3.To support the development of local culture and art.

Sitoy is the PB committee chair on PWD. He also sponsored a parallel ordinance on the presidential proclamation, which designated February as the National Arts Month.

Consistent with the 2013-2014 theme: “Believe.Ability – Kapalaran ug Pakig Bisog Sa Mga PWDs”, the short movies hope “to encourage the PWDs to believe in themselves, to have affirmation in their abilities and the opportunities they deserve.”

The competition is open to Filipino students, and amateur and professional moviemakers. The movie must convey a message that is positive and humane in its representation of PWDs, their challenges and concerns, with the affirmation of their abilities and potential to be self-reliant, independent, and responsible.

It may be presented in either of the following genres-Comedy, Romance, Adventure, and Documentary, where the dialogues are in Cebuano with English subtitles. It must have a running time of at least 5 minutes, at most 10 minutes, including credits.

The deadline for the submission of entries is on January 31, 2014. For more inquiries on the rules and mechanics, the Salidasig secretariat can be reached through, or mobile # 0932.456.6038. Xerxes Alkuino