Undergo no-scalpel vasectomy procedure, Filipino men encouraged

No-Scalpel Vasectomy International (NVSI) is encouraging Filipino men to undergo the no scalpel-vasectomy procedure.

It is painless since it’s a no needle-no scalpel vasectomy, said Dr. Douglas Stein. For him, it is also the best method of family planning. This is why he wants Filipino men or fathers to care for their families this way, to think of their capacity to raise children, and how many they can afford to feed and send to school.

NSVI is not tired of coming to Cebu and going to other parts of the country on a mission. They have for so many years been performing vasectomy on Filipino males.

_MG_7957Dr. Doug Stein recently led a 12-man team from USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, and the Philippines to perform vasectomies in Kenya, Haiti and Philippines.

They have made their Cebu trips an annual endeavor because they want to instill in the minds Filipino males tht there really is nothing wrong with the no needle-no scalpel vasectomy procedure.

They have been to Carmen, Tuburan and Sibonga in past missions in Cebu but it was at the Danao Provincial Hospital where they felt most at home because they were visited by patients receptive to the procedure.

No needle-no scalpel procedure, according to www.nsvi.org, is briefly described as using  special instruments to perform the procedure through a single tiny access-opening on the front side of the scrotum. The 1/4-inch slit usually seals within hours, so no stitches are needed.

There is a minor discomfort for some men but anti-pain medication can be taken. For others, there is no discomfort at all.

In Cebu, vasectomies are voluntary and free, except for for foreign nationals who are charge P20,000. For Filipinos, they get compensation from NVSI, which is now P1,000, a P200 jump from the previous amount.

Bennie Kiamko, one of NVSI founders, said this is actually a subsidy for the Filipino men who will be required to rest for a day or two after vasectomy.

The rest period depends on the patient’s work load or the nature of his work. Those who are into lifting heavy weights or heavy things are naturally required to rest more than a day.

Income from foreign nationals who undergo the procedure are partly used for compensation for their Filipino counterparts and other expenses, especially food.

Members of the foundation and guest doctors also donate to the organization.

In the United Sates vasectomy is a costly procedure at $ 590.

The team has made Southwestern University, particularly Sacred Heart Hospital, their home every time they come on a mission. Here, vasectomies are done every other week by a local team from the said hospital.

Stein has done over 37,000 vasectomies the world over. He hopes to interest Filipino doctors to specialize in vasectomy.