TV host Paulo Bediones with CPDRC Dancing Inmates

Photo from TV5 Balwarte Facebook Page
Photo from TV5 Balwarte Facebook Page

The CPDRC Dancing Inmates were once again featured national TV after a visit of one of the country’s top TV hosts, Paolo Bediones ,on February 6 this year. Bediones was with three of his crew from TV5, one of today’s leading television stations in the archipelago.

Around 500 inmates presented Psy’s hit music video, Gangnam Style, by special request of the visitors. Since the audience was composed of only four special viewers, Dancing Inmates choreographer Vince Rosales prepared to show only one dance number. The presentation however lasted for about forty minutes as there were instructions and repeated executions of the dance while the TV camera recorded the show.

As the show was about to end, Bediones stepped in front of the performers to narrate a few lines for his new show, Balwarte, which just started airing in the month of February on the noon timeslot of TV5’s Sunday program.He said that it was his first time to see the dancing inmates in person. He added that he was very much impressed by the exhibition. “Nakakatuwang mapanood ng live though I had already seen it on TV,” he said.

He went on to describe how he felt the energy, commitment and the passion of the inmates’ presentations. Bediones was with his two producers, Journal Fabella and Generose Santiago and also his cameraman Jonathan Catubay.

The day’s events closed with the television host posing for some pictures with the inmates.