Tactical, GDS to proceed with post-qualification evaluation

Tactical Security Agency, Inc. and GDS Security Agency came up as winning bidders of two separate security contracts involving Capitol properties.

Both agencies were declared eligible to proceed with the post-qualification evaluation, said Provincial Administrator Atty. Mark Tolentino who chaired the Bids and Awards Committee.

There were two security contracts that were subjected to bidding last July 23 since the Capitol decided to split the areas of concerned properties into two.

Tactical, along with two other recognized bidders, bid for the contract covering area one, which encompasses the properties in the north. GDS, on the other hand, was the winning bidder for area two, covering the properties located in the south.

However, Davao Cavaliers Security Agency Inc., which also bid for area one, failed to submit complete documents. They were given three days to file a motion for reconsideration.

The agency failed to submit its registration certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission with articles of incorporation. They also have no statement of all its ongoing and completed government and private contracts within the period of five years.

Tolentino said if Davao Cavaliers will file a motion for consideration in three days, the BAC will entertain it.

“But in the meantime, I think we should proceed with the post qualification of Tactical because we also cannot presume that they (Davao Cavaliers) will submit it in three days time,” he added.

Golden Sun Investigation and Security Agency, the third bidder for area one was not anymore entertained since it was late in submitting its documents.

In area two, there are also two bidders. But Cafe Security and Investigation Agency, Inc. also failed to post Bid Security, which prevented the BAC to open their bid.

Tactical and GDS respectively offered Php 19,978,058.88 and Php 16,998,174.60 bids. Both are lower than the approved budget contracts, which is P21,138,477.12 for area one and P17,340,585.24 for area two.

If Tactical and GDS will pass the post qualification evaluation, the BAC will recommend to the governor for the awarding of contracts.

This was already the second bidding conducted for the procurement of security services by the Capitol. The integrity of the first bidding was questioned by the media as the winning bidder immediately took over the Capitol’s security services without a contract yet.

The post qualification evaluation is the time for the BAC to scrutinize the qualification of the security agencies. This was where the previous winning bidder Black Pearl Security Agency failed after one of their security guards accidentally shot a habal-habal driver in a Capitol-owned property in Barangay Apas.