South Bus improvements underway

There is no stopping now with the construction of additional facilities at the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) now that it has secured a building permit. “Finally after 30 years,” said terminal operations manager Ramon Dumayac.

The permit plays an important role for the terminal to operate under a three-phase electrical system.“We are now fully-operating on three-phase which allows the terminal to power large motors and heavy loads, said Dumayac.

Dumayac added that this month, they will be installing ceiling mounted type of air conditioners that cost around P100 thousand per unit.

The sliding glass windows of the terminal’s waiting areas were temporarily opened to allow better ventilation until the air-conditioning units are installed.

The operations manager also said that the walk-through metal detector is up for delivery this week while additional tents and chairs are coming in for the extended waiting area at the back of the terminal.

Dumayac also bared no additional terminal fees will be collected from the passengers.“Our orientation as a government unit is service not profit. This convenience of the terminal is a way of giving back good service to the people,”he added.

In 2015, the terminal earned a P67 million gross income. This is, higher by P3 million compared to 2014.

Meanwhile, the management is now working on securing an occupancy permit, which is also needed for the business permit of the tenants at the terminal.

The terminal targets to provide full service and convenience on holy week or at the very least next month.