Sogod celebrates its 9th Panagsogod Festival

Panagsogod Festival is a celebration which traces back the roots of Municipality of Sogod where the white and black sands in the area split in opposite directions.

The annual celebration of “Kulturang Sogoranon” began in 2008 as townspeople’s way of thanksgiving to their patron saint, St. James the Apostle for the bountiful blessings they received throughout the year.

“Panagsogod” is a Bisaya word which means “the beginning”. The colorful Panagsogod festival gracefully opened with street dancing along the main streets of the town going to the Sports Plaza Grounds for the ritual showdown last July 25.

The competition was as hot as the heat of the sun where four contingents namely Tribu Sogoranon, Tribu Panaghiusa, Tribu Malamboon and Tribu Anak ni Juan vied for the top prizes.

Tribu Malamboon from Muhon National Highschool bagged the Best in Costume Award while Tribu Sogoranon from Kalumbuyan National Highschool garnered the Best in Street Dancing Award.

Ms. Genisa Mae Cumaingking from Tribu Sogoranon was hailed Panagsogod Festival Queen 2016.

Tribu Sogoranon was announced as the ritual showdown grand champion while Tribu Anak ni Juan and Tribu Malamboon placed second and third, respectively.

Sogod is best known for its special delicacies such as torta, bodbod kabog, peanut brittle, biko tableya and coco balls.

The municipality is also famous for its tourist destinations like Puting Bas Beach, Alegre Beach Resort and Spa, Northsky Beach Resort and many more.

(SWU COMM INTERNS- Sushmita Bravo and Sharmaine Mariel Puyod)