A second round of applause for the Sinulog 2015 winners

The Sinulog 2015 winners proved to the crowd that gathered at the Cebu City Sports Center grandstand last Jan. 19 for the awarding ceremonies that they were rightful recipients of the judges’ nods.

Required to reprise their winning performances were the five top winners in the Street Dancing, Free Interpretation and Sinulog-Based categories.

While there is that thought that any mistake would not matter anymore as they are already declared winners, the performers still gave their all to the delight of the appreciative crowd which, in return, afforded the dancers with varying degrees of hearty applause.

Every surprise element of the dancers, like changing costume right onstage after just a few turns or transforming set props into something else or switching on miniature lights hidden inside props and sets at the right moment thus enhancing their beauty further and many more, did not escape the watchful eyes of the onlookers.

Props that made the dancers look like animals, e.g. giant geckos, praying mantis, bees with striped abdomens moving up and down or sidewise, pigs intended to be turned into mouth-watering lechons and others, clicked with the spectators who did not hesitate to show their appreciation through sporadic claps or cheers of awe and amazement.

The winners in the Street Dancing were Lumad Basakanon of Basak, San Nicolas, Cebu City (1st prize); Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe of Tangub City (2nd); Kulturang Placereño of Placer, Masbate (3rd); Tribu Buyoganon of Abuyog, Leyte (4th); and Tribu Lingganay of Alang-Alang, Leyte (5th).

They received P1 million, P700,000, P500,000, P300,000 and P200,000, respectively.

In the Free Interpretation category, the winners were Tribu Buyoganon (1st); Tribu Lingganay (2nd); Tribu Himag-ulaw of Placer, Masbate (3rd); Tribu Katbalaugan of Catbalogan City, Samar (4th); and Lumad Basakanon (5th).

They received the same amounts as those of the street dancing winners.

The Best in Musicality award with a prize of P100,000 was won by Tribu Buyoganon while the Best in Costume award with the same prize amount went to Tribu Lingganay.

In the Sinulog-based category, Kulturang Placereño was adjudged 1st prize winner; Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe, 2nd; Carcar City Division of Carcar City, Cebu, 3rd; Tuburan National High School of Tuburan, Cebu, 4th; and, Talisay City Central School, Talisay City, Cebu, 5th.

Best in Musicality was Carcar City while Best in Costume was Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe. Bogo City received two special awards with a prize of P10,000 each.

The newly crowned Ms. Cebu, Wynonah Van Joy Buot, and two ladies-in-waiting (1st runner-up Genefe Navilon and 4th runner-up Domenic Reynes) made their appearance when Mayor Michael Rama asked them to come up stage in the middle of his welcome address.

Mayor Rama proudly announced that the Sinulog Festival ranked eighth in the list of 22 festivals worldwide that one has to “see before you die.” He also emphasized his fear for only one, that is, to the Sr. Sto. Nino, as a response to his detractors and bashers.

He thanked everyone for their contribution to the success of the Sinulog, the activity being a collective endeavor. He then asked City Administrator Lucille Mercado to look for means so that the Cebu City Hall workers “who walked the extra mile” during the festivities can be given additional incentives.

Lastly, he requested everyone to give a ”thunderous round of applause” to the Holy Child, to which the crowd willingly obliged.