Santander FSTP farmer goes all organic

Roberto Patrimonio of the municipality of Santander dumped conventional farming, saying it is expensive and unsafe for human consumption.

In lieu of chemical fertilizers, Patrimonio developed vermi cast and homemade liquid fertilizer that compose the Nature Farming Technology System (NFTS).

As to the result, he compared, “Ang gidak-on sa puso sa mais parehas raman (The sizes of the corn ears are just the same).”

Patrimonio became a corn-based Farmer-Scientist Training Program (FSTP) member in 2009. In the same year, Patrimonio learned to produce his own vermin cast fertilizers.

Patromonio is an FSTP coordinator in Barangay Liptung, Santander. He said in order to be effective in his advocacy against chemical farming, he needs to show the results to the farmers. He said that is the reason he ventured into vermi cast production and NFTS.

This year, Patrimonio has 20 vermi compost plots in his backyard. He sold it for Php 400 per sack to local buyers in Santander as well as in its neighboring town of Oslob.

Patromonio also developed his own liquid fertilizer. He said it is composed of indigenous micro-organism (IMO), fruit plant juice (FPJ), fermented fruit juice (FFJ), and fish amino acid (FAA).

Kung akoy papilion, ari ko sa NFS kay safety imong baol ug ang imong lawas. Ang imung yuta ma fertile pa sulod sa siyam ka bulan hangtod sa upat ka tuig (If I were to choose, I go for NFS because your farm and your health is safe. And your land will remain fertile for nine months to four years),” he said.

According to the Provincial Agriculturist Office, IMO operates as soil conditioner and gives nutrients to the soil and plants. It also speeds up plant growth. It can also be used to spray the bedding of swine. It also helps in the process of composting organic matter.

FPJ gives resistance to plants against pests and parasites. It adds more fats to plants and makes leaves greener. It can also help maintain vigor for humans.

FFJ is a good source of potassium for plant growth and sweetening of fruits, adds more resistance against pests and improve soil fertility.

FAA provides nitrogen and root hormone, which results to greening of leaves. It also helps the flowering of plants (foliar fertilizer) and eliminates smaller organisms.

Mirabel Amado, Capitol organic farming focal person, said many farmers already developed their own vermi compost and NFTS especially those FSTP farmers. She said the Capitol is giving free technical assistance on NFTS to all local government units in the province.

She said NFTS can be applied in all plants, crops, vegetables, and even to animals.

Aside from being cheaper and non-toxic, NFTS is also sustainable and environment-friendly.

The Capitol is pushing for the implementation of organic farming throughout the province in line with Republic Act 10068 or the “Organic Agriculture Act of 2010.