San Remigio, Bogo beneficiaries receive cash for work

Benecio Villaganas, 74, was thankful to have received the cash assistance from the Cash-for-Work Program on Tuesday.

It was made possible with the help of the Cebu Provincial Government and in coordination with the local government units.

His source of living is farming which enabled him to send his children to college.  One of his sons who became a seaman was working for a couple of years outside the country.

Villaganas was among the 461 Cash-for-Work Assistance Program (CWAP) beneficiaries who flocked to the Municipal Hall of San Remigio to receive their P4,905  salary from CWAP.

CWAP is one of the programs under the Overseas Workers Welfare Administartion (OWWA) for the typhoon Yolanda victims in the Northern Cebu.

This program provides temporary work for 15 to 30 days for the active OWWA members or their families who are victims of the typhoon Yolanda.

They were able to help in the rehabilitation of the damaged buildings, infrastructures and houses in the community. In exchange for work, the program beneficiaries shall be provided with cash for their needs.

During the CWAP distribution, the representatives from the Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) and from OWWA faced some challenges.

As stated in the guidelines of the CWAP, the worker or beneficiary declared in the master list should be the one to work. But in the case of San Remigio, there were several proxies and replacements who worked using the name of the beneficiary listed.

“As per our guidelines, it should not be allowed. However, we still have to give the salary because they worked for it for 15 days.  They must present supporting documents, such as authorization letters, certification and valid IDs to justify the replacement of the original worker,” Christina Marie Vistal, Family Welfare Officer of OWWA said

However, some claimants of the salary, in lieu of the actual worker listed, lacked authorization documents and certification to claim, which made the pay-out process longer.

However, PTO and OWWA were able to deliver the service on that day. SB member Antonio Villamor of San Remigio was a great help for the validation during the distribution.

There were also 52 beneficiaries in the City of Bogo who received the same amount in exchange of their work.