Ronda celebrates town fiesta, mounts Panginabuhi Festival

The municipality of Ronda celebrated its 101st Founding Anniversary last September 13. As part of its celebration, the town staged the Panginabuhi Festival which showcased the various livelihood programs among Rondahanons.

Mayor Mariano Blanco III said the activity was also the town’s fiesta celebration in honor of their patron saint, Our Lady of Sorrows.

“Despite the bad weather condition, mapasalamaton ko ninyo tanan nga kamo mipartisipar gyud alang sa usa ka tumong, ang pagpaila sa probinsya sa Sugbo nga anaay gamay nga lungsod  diin mipakita sa garbo sa Ronda (I am grateful for your participation to make known our little town of Ronda, a part of Cebu Province),” as said by Blanco.

Panginabuhi is a Cebuano word, which means livelihood. The festival featured the different sources of income in the town, such as woodcraft, agriculture, fishing, and native products.

In 1994, during the first term of Ronda’s municipal mayor, he came up with an idea to promote the town’s tourism through a cultural activity involving music and dance. This was the Kabuhian festival.

In 2010, Mayor Blanco changed Kabuhian to Panginabuhi festival which showcased its culture and interpret the town’s livelihood that became a tool for growth and success.

From then on, the Panginabuhi festival has already become one of the most awaited events of the year for the residents of Ronda.

“It is a celebration of hard work of the people in Ronda, in which they have shown their different sources of income. This is also a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest of the town,” said  Eugenio Layaguin, tourism officer of Ronda.

He added that the tourism of Ronda has potential sites that could create additional income.

The festival has two categories (elementary and secondary division) and three contingents from the elementary and another three from secondary.

Tribu Makig-angayon of Ronda Central Elementary was declared as the Grand Champion and Best in Costume. Tribu Mangingisda of Sta. Cruz Elementary School placed second while Tribu Ani-anihan of Langin Elementary School was judged third placer and Best in Street Dancing.

In the secondary division, Tribu Mananagat of Ronda National High School was recognized as Grand Champion and Best in Costume. Tribu Mag-uuma of Langin National High school ranked second and proclaimed as the Best in Street Dancing while Tribu Maampoon of Our Lady of Academy Inc. won third place.

Tribu Mananagat of Ronda National High School’s concept was of a fishermen’s thanksgiving for the blessings they received during their fishing endeavors.

“I felt so happy. Actually, we only had two weeks for the practice. Sometimes, I walked out because of some dancers’ attitude but still we really worked hard for the success of our group,” said by Junrey Maribao , dance choreographer of Tribu Mananagat.

The festival started at 1 p.m. with street dancing and followed by the ritual showdown held at the Ronda Gym.