Reestablishing connection with CAOCAMPIO

Photo from PIO Mandaue
Photo from PIO Mandaue

Recognizing the important role of information officers of the local government units around the province in local governance and development, the Provincial Information Office of the Province of Cebu reconnects with the Cebu Association of City and Municipal Public Information Officers (Caocampio) by participating in the group’s first regular meeting for 2013 (after being inactive for a long time) held at the session hall of the Mandaue City Hall last Feb. 22. Caocampio is presently headed by Carlo Dugaduga of Cebu City.

In that same session, PB Member Arleigh Sitoy presented to the group his proposed ordinance Establishing the Provincial Information Office where the IOs are also encouraged to avail of the services and the infrastructure of the PIO.

With the revitalization of the Province’s TV channel, now named Cebu TV, and the resurfacing of the official publication, now renamed Cebu Monthly, PB members Sitoy and Miguel Antonio Magpale thought it wise to revive the ties with the information officers group to pave the way for a faster, more efficient and reliable information exchange in the near future.

The move also includes hosting of the group’s future meetings. The Province also hopes it can help in any way in the IOs’ quest for institutionalization of their positions in the LGUs.