PVO expands forage, pasture program

The Provincial Veterinarian’s Office has expanded its Forage and Pasture Development program to boost animal forage production.

Program Coordinator Verna Ducante said this part of its Artificial Insemination (AI) program.

To promote AI, they must ensure that the offspring is healthy and not malnourished.

However, they have observed that the program is equally needed to non-AI livestock farmers as well.

“For how many years, they labored without producing good results. So it dawned upon us to educate our farmers on the proper animal nutrition,” she said.

Under the Forage and Pasture Development program, the Capitol will distribute forage legume seeds to livestock farmers for free.

Seeds like stylo, rensonii, flamingia, desmanthus, and diversifolia are good source of protein for the animals.

As a counterpart, the farmers are required to plant Napier grass, a source of carbohydrates.

The recipient-farmers of the program must have their own area for the forage. Once they become recipients, PVO will visit and monitor them.

In six months, the forage can already be harvested. These plants can grow as tall as four meters. PVO has its own forage and pasture area in the Capitol’s property in Tinaan, Naga City.

The plants can also help the farmers prepare during dry season.

Barangay Captain Edbert Tenebroso of Gunting, Barili expressed confidence that this measure will help them cope with the El Niño phenomenon.

He added that planting Napier grass in their pasture assured them that they have several layers of food supplies if the dry season stays longer.

Gunting was among the barangays visited by the PVO in May for a veterinary mission.