Pulling of MV Belle Rose, temporarily stopped

Two hours after the operations to pull MV Belle Rose started at 9 a.m. today, the operation was stopped.

Noel Kimmoyang, representative of Malayan Salvage and Towage Corporation admitted that pumping of water from the ship’s tank was going slow.

The ballast pump used to extract the water was damaged this morning. “We have installed two portable pumps but its workforce is not the same with the ballast pump, so it’s taking slow, ” said Kimmoyang.

Kimmoyang added that they decided to temporarily stop the operation since the tide is going low but added that the same plan will still be carried out tomorrow.

The operation is also dependent on the number of hours the high tide will last on that day.

Gary Cases, environmental advocate, shared that the operation may take some days depending on the tide.

However, the highest tide this week will go up to 1.9 meters. “It can actually be a good sign for the operation,” said Cases.

The team went on to dive after the salvage operation was temporarily stopped.

As per observation of the team headed by PENRO OIC Baltazar Tribunalo, there were no traces that the ship moved.

“After the attempt to pull the ship out, it seems like there were no movements; the ship is still sitting on the damaged reef,” said Tribunalo.

Tribunalo added that they respect the towage plan presented to them last night but the plan might change in the coming days depending on the recommendations of the team.

Monad Shoal is a 300 hectare breeding ground of different marine species (including corals and fish) found in the northern part of Malapascua.