Provincial Sports Commission to launch dragon boat competition

The island of Cebu is widely-known for its open seas and its dainty towns settled near the shorelines. In these towns, one can find accommodating hotels and restaurants, making Cebu Province an ideal spot for a dragon boat competition.

Such sport will be organized by the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission (CSPC) whose creation was recently approved through a provincial board resolution passed last January 27. CSPC is under the office of Governor Hilario Davide III.

CSPC aims to promote the common good in consonance with the programs of the Philippine Sports Commission by providing projects and activities that benefit the province.

One of the undertakings after the creation of CSPC is the adoption of the Dragon Boat sport as part of the alternative sports development program for the province of Cebu. This program was disclosed last April 24 during the regular meeting of the CSPC.

Dragon Boats are the basis of the modern watersport with 20 players teaming up to paddle together in a race. Today, this sport is famous in its own right locally and internationally.

It is the desire of the Cebu Provincial Government to prepare, train and develop those who are inclined to this kind of sport to showcase them for national and international competitions.

The introductory race is set to kick-off on May 23 at the Municipality of Bogo headed by the Cebu Provincial Government through CSPC with the Central Cebu Dragon Boat aiming to form a team that will represent the province.

In addition, the province will purchase two units of boats at 150,000 each for the dragon boat training. During the activity, paddlers from Bohol are expected to show an exhibition race. Also, dragon boat teams all over the country will be invited to take part in the event.

“We are trying to invite teams all over the country now so they could train and peak at the right time,”said Provincial Board Member Celestino Martinez.

Another program of CSPC is to identify and train potential athletes as well as coaches and trainers in various sports. This action is under the umbrella of the Grassroots Sports Development Program of the Province of Cebu.

The initial step of this program is to gather qualified coaches and trainers for every identified sport.

In every district or municipality, two potential coaches or trainers for each sport shall represent the Department of Education (DepEd) and one representative from the local unit.  In the actual implementation of the program, the sports clinic and seminars will be conducted per district. The participants are expected to echo what they have learned from the seminars and trainings.

After the seminars and trainings, CSPC will organize an inter-school and municipal or district level tournament to select potential athletes in preparation for higher competitions like Batang Pinoy and Philippine National Games.

Also, CSPC is planning to give recognition to deserving coaches, school officials and local government officials who can produce outstanding athletes in the provincial, regional, national, and international competitions.

There are four categories as the priority sports of this program which includes the individual events (athletics,swimming, and table tennis), dual events (badminton and chess), team events (basketball, football, baseball, sepak takraw, volleyball, and softball), and combat sports (taekwando, arnis and karatedo).

CSPC has prepared P2.6 million for the trainings and equipments to be used for this program. It is expected to start by the end of May.

Attendees during the meeting were PB members Raul Alcoseba, chairman on Committee on Youth and Sports Development, Celestino Martinez III, vice chairman on Committee on Youth and Sports Development, Atty. Ramil Abing, executive director of the Cebu Provincial Sports Commission), and some representatives from private sectors.