Provincial lawyer refutes Nalzaro’s allegations

Provincial Legal Officer Atty. Orvi Ortega pleaded Sun.Star Daily Columnist and RGMA Broadcaster Pablito “Bobby” Nalzaro to stop his personal attacks against him.

He also urged Nalzaro to use its power “sparingly and justly, otherwise it becomes a tool of oppression.”

If he will not stop, Ortega said he will be forced to charge him with libel case in court.

“I have no intention to file a case yet against Mr. Nalzaro. But after this press conference kon dili lang gihapon siya moundang ug panamastamas nako (if he still won’t stop oppressing me) then he has to face the music in court,” said Ortega.

He said he is still compiling evidence against Nalzaro and he is “making sure that he has strong case against him” with the help of another lawyer.

Ortega made the declaration in front of his family and friends during a press conference last July 1 at Sacred Heart Center, Cebu City.

Ortega’s father Engr. Florentino Villaflor Ortega said he will support his son if he pursues to sue Nalzaro.

Kon dili siya ka afford ug kuha ug laing lawyer magtinabangay ming 14 ka managigsuon (If he cannot afford to get another lawyer, we 14 siblings will help out),” the elder Ortega said.

Engr. Ortega said the issue has already affected their family, especially him who is working for a church.

The lawyer cited three possible reasons behind Nalzaro’s continued attacks almost after one month: one of the losing bidders (Tactical Security Agency and GDS Security Agency); demolition job against him; and their political opponents may want to hurt the governor’s image through him.

Nalzaro’s antics started when the Capitol held bidding for security services after erstwhile security provider Tactical ended its contract last May 31.

Ortega served as chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee-Goods and Services during the bidding.

Nalzaro in his columns and radio program alleged rig in the bidding.

Ortega said after the issue broke out, he was interviewed by radio commentators, including Nalzaro. But after the interview, Nalzaro continued his antics and even delving into personal issues.

He accused Ortega of receiving Php 1,000 per head of the 206 security personnel of the eventual winning bidder Black Pearl Security Agency.

The columnist even claimed that Ortega’s new car to be the fruit of the alleged “rigged bidding” and called him out to resign from his post.

Ortega denied receiving money in exchange for favor since he assumed in the Capitol.

He said his car was loaned in a bank last April prior to the bidding for security services. The down payment of his car came from the proceeds of the sale of old cars owned by his parents and friends and his own savings.

Paghisgot pud sa sakyanan nisamot mi kaguol tungod actually ang among canter nga karaan kaayo gibaligya kay itabang palit ug bag-ong sakyanan (When he mentioned about the car, I became more worried because in fact, we sold our old vehicle to buy a new one),” Engr. Ortega said.

The said car was already manifested in the lawyer’s Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth filed last April.

The lawyer also said Nalzaro has no right to request him to resign from his post, saying he is clean.

“I will remain as legal officer unless the governor no longer needs my services because we are at the pleasure of the governor. I am not at the pleasure of Mr. Nalzaro,” he said.

Ortega served as acting Chief of Staff of the governor last January-June this year in addition to his position as legal officer.