Police press ‘Tokhang’ in CPDRC

Police show no signs of slowing down in their campaign against illegal drugs even on those jailed suspects.

To stamp out the drug menace, the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) conducted an “Oplan Tokhang” in the Cebu Provincial Rehabilitation and Detention Center (CPDRC) on Tuesday.

Senior Insp. Zosimo Jabas, head of the PPSC team, urged inmates to show sincerity in reforming themselves. He added this does not only boost security concerns in CPDRC but seeks assurance that inmates halt their illicit trade inside the facility.

“We are asking you to sign this pledge not only for compliance’s sake but also to show your sincerity and willingness to reform yourselves,” said Jabas.

Jabas expressed concern that some prisoners were still able to sneak in drugs and continue their illegal activities even in detention.

“You could hear reports that some inmates still use drugs inside the jail. So, I’m appealing to you to stop it if you are involved and cooperate with us,” he said.

Jabas explained that the 500 inmates subjected to ‘Tokhang’ in CPDRC yesterday were just the first batch. The inmates were made to undergo process such as fingerprint identification, mug shots and sign affidavits.

“All will undergo the same process, but signing the affidavit is voluntary,” he said, adding that 60 percent of the inmates in the CPDRC are facing drug charges.

Lawyer Jennifer Maniwang of the Provincial Administrator’s Office warned prisoners that another drug charge could be filed against them if they would be caught in possession of the illegal substance.

Governor Hilario P. Davide III tightened security measures on the province-run facility following a raid last August where contraband and drug paraphernalia were seized by authorities.

Davide also created Task Force CPDRC that reviews, among others, the security protocols of the center. (Kelvin Cañizares)