PDEA 7 sees strong drive against illegal drugs with new RPOC 7 chair

As newly-appointed chair of the Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) 7, Governor Hilario P. Davide III was “very strong” in his campaign against illegal drugs.

In their meeting last June 16, PDEA 7 Director Officer-in-Charge Espiridion Javier said the governor has taken seriously the problem of drugs in the region.

Javier said he met the governor in order to update him of the current drug situation in Cebu.

The PDEA had successful operation on the P8 million worth of shabu concealed inside the soles of ladies’ sandals last week. Gov. Davide thanked PDEA 7 for their success.

To recall, Gov. Davide expressed his concern on the reported presence of “fly high” drugs in the province during the RPOC 7 meeting last month.

PDEA 7 confirmed the presence of “fly high” drugs in Cebu and yet studying how to make first arrest involving the drugs.

Javier said they are identifying three projects involving the small scale of manufacturing “fly high” drugs.

“Kung gusto nating umaresto pwede naman… Pero kasama kasi ng intelligence strategy na niluluto muna natin ng husto ,” said Javier.

“Fly high” is very easy to manufacture and its entry to Cebu is not unexpected.

“It is a capsulated blend of ecstacy, shabu, and Viagra, a drug used to cure erectile dysfunction in men. Anybody here can manufacture the drugs,” he said.