PB Sanchez still confused; Garcia no show

Provincial Board (PB) Gigi Sanchez is still left in confusion with what actually transpired in the session conducted by the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) in Dumanjug approving the town’s budget for 2014.

At the provincial board (PB) session on April 7, she noted irregularities in the resolution submitted by the town’s temporary SB secretary Emmylou Cabonilas.

For clarification, the PB invited the preventively-suspended mayor Nelson Garcia, now acting mayor Efren Gica, Cabonilas, SB Secretary Nerio Aquino and the six councilors who signed the document.

“I really would like to get into the issue of what actually happened so that we don’t sacrifice the needs of the constituents because simply we do not know what happened,” she explained.

Unfortunately, Garcia, Cabonilas and the councilors did not show up in the session. Only Gica, councilor Joshua Dacumos, councilor Edwin Gica and Aquino came.

According to Gica, a special session was called by Garcia to approve the town’s proposed 2014 budget last December 26, 2013. However, no official copy of the said budget was presented. Although they contested the session’s agendum, majority of the members voted for its approval.

He also revealed that Aquino was present in the session and not Cabonilas who submitted the budget document. For this, he strongly believes that the document was falsified.

“Authentic resolutions of the Sangguniang Bayan of Dumanjug have a seal of the Sangguniang Bayan of Dumanjug,” said Gica. PB Sanchez did not find any seal in the original copy of the submitted document.

PB Sanchez believes the approval was an act of an erring government official. “After knowing that they passed a budget without looking at it, I feel it is a mockery of the entire government system,” she said.

She also said that the PB members will request Garcia and company to appear again and hear their side.

Gica revealed that a special session will be conducted for the purpose of approving again Dumanjug’s budget for 2014.

“We will be expecting new set of budget documents in the next coming days and the falsified ones will be tackled by the Committee on Complaints,” said Sanchez.