Cebu Provincial Government
Cebu Provincial Government


PB approves ‘Paglaum’ scholarship program

The Cebu Provincial Board passed on Monday an ordinance providing a tertiary scholarship program this time for the underprivileged but deserving students who don’t have the usual stamp of excellence in their academic records.

“It’s our belief that all individuals must have the right to access to educational opportunities so that they can be mainstreamed to society. It is therefore in this context that we thought of this proposed ordinance,” the author of the measure Vice Gov. Agnes Magpale said in her rationale.

“If the people in a certain community are not given the right and proper education, that particular community is akin to nothing,” Magpale said.

The educational grant called “Paglaum” scholarship program will provide subsidy to differently-abled, the marginalized, the less-fortunate and the poor but deserving students, including children of drug ‘surrenderees’.

Magpale observed that most scholarship programs of government agencies, non-government organizations, foundations and social civic clubs are focused on the intellectually gifted youth.

“Neglecting these children by not sending them to school and by just letting them stay idle in the streets, dark alleys  and other  places would mean  allowing them to fall prey and vulnerable to the evils brought about by vices like but not limited to drugs, guns and human trafficking,” Magpale pointed out.

Under the program, the scholars who should be residence of the province will receive P10,000 for school expenses and P1,500 for subsistence allowance.

Beneficiaries can pursue their studies only in state universities and colleges for any courses except for medicine and law.  Those who choose to take up vocational and technical courses are also covered by the educational grant.

An initial P1 million is allocated for the program and will be implemented by the Provincial Women’s Commission.

Unlike the province’s two existing educational grants that require high passing marks, “Paglaum” scholars are only required to pass all their subjects.