Overseas Job Fair at the Parking Lot

IMG_3309The strong earthquake that hit Cebu and Bohol and the neighboring provinces six days before the scheduled Overseas Job Fair was not a hindrance for the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to go on with the activity on October 20, a Sunday.

The job applicants were sheltered with some tents temporarily installed at the parking lot of the Capitol compound  in lieu of the usual social hall while the checking of the building’s damage due to the strong tremor was assessed for the occupants’ safety. The interviews conducted by the representatives of various job placements agencies started at around 8 a.m. at their respective tents while another foreign national job recruiter who could decide on the spot of the applicants’ fate and chances of being hired had conducted their interviews inside the new building of the Provincial Information Office.

There were 21,487 job openings for those 1,603 applicants who availed of the opportunity which composed of 847 males and 756 females.  They had earlier registered at the PESO Capitol a couple of months ago before the actual job fair while some of them had just walked in on that day to try their luck.  Only the ARAM Enterprises, Inc. could announced whether or not an applicant is considered Hired on the Spot unlike those another group of job recruiters who were just representatives from their respective job placement agencies. ARAM reported 15 HOTS or hired on the spot applicants but have yet to pass the necessary papers like various clearances among others.

The activity had gradually winded up past 5 p.m. as there were representatives from their respective agencies who had to leave for Manila and to other places for another important commitments to undertake.

The next recruitment which by then a local job fair will be announced by PESO on November  this year. (Ramon Gallardo)