One billion and rising for women’s rights

The Provincial Government welcomed to its doorsteps hundreds of women activists espousing women’s and children’s rights under the one billion and rising campaign to reduce, if not eradicate the number of women and children vulnerable to sexual abuse.

”Batukan ang pag pang abuso” is the battle cry behind one billion rising.

In a message read for him by Cebu Province’ Gender and Development (GAD) focal person, Hedda Largo, Gov. Hilario Davide III acknowledged the sacrifice women face daily in raising their families.

Advocacy for a billion and rising is now on its fourth year and the governor’s message is as timely as can be.

He believes in the cause espoused to safeguard women and children from all forms of abuses, physical or psychological.

Gov. Davide is for women uniting and pursuing their cause which Largo supports.

Largo also believes in women empowerment, that more women nowadays are better educated.

Among the women involved in the one billion awareness raising are women whose families were typhoon Yolandavictims.

After the unity speeches calling for an end to abuses and proverty, Bisdak Pride, a group of local talents, enacted a typical poor family situation where its young members are lured to the city with the promise of jobs but end up traded for sex. Fortunately rescue comes on time.