Newly restored Governor’s Gallery re-opens soon

“Governors in Frame”. Mrs. Jobelle Angan-Davide glances over the portraits of past governors inside the gallery room.

The newly renovated Governor’s Gallery at the second floor of the Cebu provincial Capitol will soon be ready for public viewing by May this year.

The renovation was initiated by the governor’s wife Mrs. Jobelle Angan-Davide, along with heritage conservation and restoration expert Architect Melva Java, Cebuano writer Linda Alburo, provincial tourism officer Grace Paulino, and Museo Sugbo curators Masi Cabañes and Rey Estrada.

The gallery will not just cover the history of the Capitol building but the story of Cebu Province itself presenting an insightful perspective on the life of the public servants.

A display of important mementos, relics and collection will highlight governance and achievements of the past provincial administrations.

 “There will be a storyline. Each of the past governors will have their own narrative story that will focus on their governance or an important story during their time in the province.  We will be displaying supporting artifacts if we have it,” says Architect Melva Java.

According to Museo Sugbo curators, they only have limited pieces or items at hand for each of the governors.

“That will be a challenge for now. Meanwhile, we will display what we already have and in time, we might have even more, since we are requesting the heirs to donate or loan personal items of the former governors,” Java said.

Framed charcoal portraits of the past chief executives, old photographs, signing of treaties, awards, plaques of appreciation and gifts given by visiting dignitaries are among the items to be seen inside the gallery.

Moreover, there will be a briefing area under the dome, also located at the second floor, to give a glimpse of what’s inside the gallery or what the museum is all about.

(L-R) Linda Alburo, Architect Melva Java and Mrs. Jobelle Angan-Davide