Multi-purpose drying pavement projects to be constructed soon for Camotes

Some farmers in Camotes Island will be relieved as three multi-purpose drying pavement projects are now due for construction.

The project is part of the food production, livelihood and entrepreneurship support program of the current administration that prioritizes food security and agriculture.

Governor Hilario P. Davide III had secured an authority from the Cebu Provincial Board in a resolution approved last April 21.

The total cost of the project is Php 894,173.97. These will be constructed in the barangays of Daan Paz, Poro; Union, San Francisco; and Esperanza, San Francisco.

Officer-in-Charge Provincial Agriculturist Dr. Roldan Saragena said the concrete drying pavement will prevent further post harvest losses.

The Capitol also distributed corn mills, moisture meters and some other farm tools during the Farmer-Scientist Training Program (FSTP) Congress last year.

Saragena said there are crops that needed to be dried up. In commerce, the buyers would usually require the farmers to maintain a certain level of moist in the crops.

“The National Food Authority for example requires 14 percent moisture content on corn. If this requirement is not complied, the buyers may still go on with the sale but it will be at a lower price,” he said.

Moreover, with the facility, the farmers would continue to dry in the streets, which is very risky for them. Some crops that needed to be exposed to the sun are rice, corn, copra, cacao, among others.

For 2015, the Capitol allotted a total of Php 11.55 million of the establishment of community-based grain drying and processing centers.

Camotes Island is also the top producing area of cassava in Cebu.