Minglanilla residents avail of health, other services

Residents of six Minglanilla barangays availed of health and other services provided by the Provincial Health Office (PHO) and some cooperating agencies at the Lipata covered court last May 7.

A total of 460 patients registered for consultation, 77 had their tooth extractions, 80 boys were circumcised, 125 infants and 35 senior citizens were diagnosed of various ailments, 39 had their blood sugar levels checked, and five had their cholesterol levels determined.

A participating lawyer gave legal advice to five residents while an optometrist offered discounts in her clinic to the 55 patients who asked for consultation about their eye conditions.

Around 400 had their fill of the prepared porridge. Some 72 young and old residents availed of the free haircut provided by personnel of the Naval Reserve Squadron.

PHO personnel who were on hand to provide the services were Dr. Manuel Purog, Dr. Rebecca Opsima, Dr. Evelyn familgan, Dr. Clinia Seguerra, Dr. Olivia Dandan, Dr. Jerson, Dr. Erwin Allego, Dr. Glomaris Comendador, Dr. Gladys Layese, Dr. Farah del Villar, Dr. Jessica Tantay, Dr. Yolanda Garces, Yvonne Carinosa, Cynthia Pangatungan, Naomi Espinosa, Elena Malosbalos, Milky Ycong, Leonardo Zafra Jr., Joelxun Batarao, Wilfredo Salgado, Cyril Pangatungan, Roy Colina, and Eugan Nuyad.

Barangay captains Alan Bastida (Barangay Cuanos), Wilfredo Deiparine (Linao), Loreto Balorio (Calajo-an), Bernardino Latorza (Cadulawan), Joey Edgar Camota (Tungkil) and Leonardo Manacap (Guindarohan), and  their respective councils and staff were all smiles not only because of the success of the mission but also because the event was the positive response of the province to the letter request they sent to the offices of the Governor and the Vice Governor for such services to be provided to their constituents at this time of the year.