Meet Twito the clown

Photo via @IsraelinPH
Photo via @IsraelinPH

“It’s already been shown by research that working with clowns in hospitals and kids can bring up to 30 percent faster recovery rate” said Israeli Deputy Ambassador Adam Michael Levene.

According to Ambassador Levene, the Israeli government continues its support and help in the Philippines, bringing Moshe Twito with him.

“How are you?!?” Moshe Twito greeted the crowd with his huge pair of shoes. Twito, the Israeli Medical clown told the staff and patients of the Cebu Provincial Hospital in Bogo City, last December 11.

Despite the unwavering heat of the sun, Twito continued to entertain the crowd.

Twito entertained not just the kids but also everybody in the hospital as well as the schools in the said city.

The media was also impressed by Twito’s smooth tricks like changing his voice and making animal balloons for the kids that came.

Not only that, Twito played with a few of the kids. He took his mini violin and played melodies for the sleeping babies in the pediatrics ward.

Smiles came noticeably from those inside the room and from the moms around who were feeding their babies.

Seventeen-year-old Katlin Anne Badalona, who lost her baby, was among them.

Having a miscarriage wasn’t easy for Katlin Anne but when Twito came, laughter filled her face.

“Makawala sa stress, maski nawala akong baby at least nalipay ko kay gilingaw mi nila”, Katlin Anne said.

She hopes for Twito to continue with what he is doing, as she knows that experiencing the wrath of typhoon Yolanda was not easy for everyone.  RJ Rabaca