Mangrove planting concludes Capitol’s week-long Earth Day celebration

After a week-long celebration for Earth Day 2016, the Cebu Provincial Government concluded the cause through a mangrove planting in Calajoan, Minglanilla on April 22.

In line with this year’s Earth Day theme, “Trees for the Earth”, all Capitol offices were encouraged to send at least five representatives to participate in the activity.

With the help of 50 volunteers from the Municipality of Minglanilla, Capitol employees planted around 1,000 seedlings provided by the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO).

Calajoan Barangay Captain Loreto Balorio welcomed the volunteers and expressed his gratitude for having been choosen by PENRO as the site for mangrove planting.

Coastal Resource Management Officer II William Villaver discussed the mangrove ecosystem protection and conservation.

PENRO used miapi mangrove for its suitability to sandy environment as well as its ability to easily grow.

The fisherfolk first cleaned the area and the mangrove planting followed.

The participants were divided into 10 areas and each group was required to plant 100 seedlings in their respective areas; each seedling was two meters apart.

PENRO staff ended the whole activity by picking the remaining plastic pots, gathering all the tools that were used in planting and checking if the trees were planted well.  Evangeline Moya (CNU BA English Intern)