Magpale warns on lewd Holy Week shows

Vice Governor Agnes Magpale warns entertainment organizers against lewd shows especially during the Holy Week.

“I would like to remind them. We have nothing against bikinis but kanang show nga law-ay kaayo, kanang gitawag nato ug commodification of women,” she said. The vice governor added that they will have people to monitor their activities. If they violate the law, Magpale said, “they already know what will happen.”

During her term as a board member, Magpale authored the Women Development Code of Cebu Province. The ordinance condemns shows “that tend to commodify, abuse, humiliate and treat women as sex objects.”

To recall, the Capitol sued actresses Maui Taylor, Jennifer Lee and actor Paolo Paraiso for their “Summer Pump” show at a beach resort in the town of Santa Fe, Bantayan Island in 2009. The organizers were also indicted. But the charges were eventually dropped after the celebrities asked for forgiveness and agreed to become emissaries of women’s right.

Meanwhile, Governor Hilario P. Davide III assured that the Cebu South Bus Terminal (CSBT) is ready for the Holy Week influx of travelers. “Mr. (Vicente) “Jun” Dejoras, Jr. (CSBT Administrator) is already aware unsay buhaton noh kay we expect daghang pasahero ana mamauli by Wednesday afternoon or morning for the Holy Week,” he said. Acer Alkuino