Madridejos Kid’s Plea for Christmas

COPYIt takes one brave soul to carry the message of the whole town of Madridejos.

“I wish maayo among bayay,” (I wish that our house will be rebuilt) said seven-year old Christian Sevillano.

This heart-breaking wish was told to Governor Hilario Davide III, during the 2nd day of the gift-giving activity of the Cebu Provincial Capitol in the towns of Bantayan Island last December 10.

Christian was among the thousands of people who survived the wrath of super typhoon Yolanda, last November 8.

Christian recalled how his family struggled during the calamity.

He and his family had to move out of their home to keep themselves safe as they were living in the coastal area.

He also added that they had to stay in his aunt’s house for safety but even that wasn’t spared by the typhoon.

After the rage of the typhoon, he helped his family repair his aunt’s house.

Pulling out nails from spare wood was part of his job, not just for his aunt’s house but also for the house he once called home, the house that his family rented.

Things were not easy for Christian. He thinks that being the eldest, it is his responsibility to help his parents out, wishing to rebuild their home before Christmas.

He also managed to be a consistent honor student of Mancilang Elementary School in Madridejos.

Christian is more than determined to finish his studies as his lifelong dream is to be a seafarer someday.

He said, being one will allow him to help his parents when he gets older.

Who would have thought that a simple talk with the kids patiently falling in line for their turn to receive gifts would lead to the discovery of a tiny tot with a huge heart to help out his parents amidst the devastating misfortune that they have experienced recently. RJ Rabaca