Livelihood program empowers parents in Medellin

The Barangay Caputatan Norte in Medellin empowers women through a livelihood program that seeks to improve the lives and income of the constituents.

The barangay was given a livelihood opportunity called Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) that is under the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

SLP is a community-based capacity building effort that seeks to improve the program participants’ socio-economic status.

Living in a small barangay in Medellin, Barangay Captain Agnes Yaun said that there were few opportunities to improve their way of lives and majority of the people in her barangay were employed in the sugarcane farm.

13579866_10208610792479932_1686773375_oBut like any other captain, Yaun searched for ways to help the people in Caputatan Norte.

Because of her resourcefulness, she was able to provide a livelihood program and extend the project’s technology to the parents of the barangay. The program’s beneficiaries make soap that they named Agnes Powdered Soap and Funtarox, derived from the word “fantastic” and cleaning product Zonrox.

“Naghandum ko nga unsay ako mahimo para makatabang sa mga ginikanan nga naa sa hacienda nagtrabaho so nakahuna-huna ko nga mangayo me ug tabang sa DSWD ug mao ni nadiscover ang Agnes Powdered Soap and Funtarox (I once dreamed of the things I could do to help the parents working in the hacienda so I came up with the idea of reaching out to DSWD for help and then we discovered the Agnes Powdered Soap and Funtarox),” said Yaun.

Despite this, hope never left Yaun who always believed that determination and hard work will eventually lead to the success of her program.

They started the program in July 2015 with a net income P8,000. This year so far, they earned a total net income of P30,000.

As of now, their clients are coming from the nearby households and also from the Medellin public market. But they are planning to maximize sales by accepting bulk orders from neighboring towns.

Aside from soap making, the barangay also established a dressmaking enterprise through which they received 11 sewing machines from the Don Bosco Technology Center and another 47 machines from the Department of Trade and Industry.

The Cebu Normal University helped them acquire the sewing machines, which became an important part of an income-generating program for the women and youth of their barangay.

“Actually, nagtahi gani me sa PE uniform sa CNU. Labor ra ang bayaran kay ila man ang materials. Ang subra pod sa tinabas nga panapton himuon pod namo nga rag para another income namo diri (Actually, we sewed the PE uniforms of CNU. They only paid for the labor since they provided the materials. The remaining cloth was used to make rags as our additional income),” said Yaun.

Yaun was awarded as the regional winner in Ten Outstanding Barangay Officials of the Year (TOBOY) in 2012.

The TOBOY Award recognizes barangay officials who have shown exemplary performance in the performance of their functions.

Barangay Caputatan Norte was also one of the winners in the E-Gwen Program, now called Our Cebu Program.

Yaun gave her time and effort for her constituents, noting that the SLP is helping provide for the school needs of the children and add to the income of families.

The barangay also received a delivery van from the Japan National Council of Social Welfare last year and they used it when they delivered their products to the proper town.

Barangay Caputatan is also an eco-adventure destination of Medellin where you will discover different outdoor activities, such as cable car, tarzan jump, zipline and skybicyle.