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Cebu Provincial Government


A livable Cebu is beyond politics

The Mega Cebu Development and Coordinating Board (MCDCB) urged more Cebuanos to resonate the Mega Cebu movement in their localities.

MCDCB members made the call as they marked September as its Mega Cebu Month for the second time this year with the theme, “Engaging Change.”

Provincial Administrator Atty. Mark Tolentino said MCDCB addresses certain issues that go beyond political or social classification.

“I think everybody has bought in to this idea which regardless of whether you’re in public or private sector or from what town or city that there are certain things that we all have work together,” he said.

Tolentino also assured the active participation of all the 13 local government units covered by the Metro Cebu area, working towards the development of an urbanized Cebu.

“If we have this vision and we want to dream big we can only do it if we look within ourselves and agree to work together. If we work together then we can achieve big things. This is what planning for 2050 is all about,” he said.

Tolentino represented MCDCB Chairman Governor Hilario P. Davide III was in a meeting in Manila during the launching of the board’s month-long activities last September 1 at the Capitol.

Cebu Business Club President Gordon Alan “Dondi” Joseph, aso the MCDCB planning committee chair, encouraged everyone to start its Mega Cebu movement by spreading its cause in the neighborhood.

“We can all make it happen but we need to do it. Someone has to take a step and we can all make the step forward…,” said Joseph in the launching of the Mega Cebu month last September 1 at the Capitol.

“Even simple things like liking in facebook and see what’s going on can make a difference,” said Roy Lotzof, MCDCB committee chair on human resources, assets and partnership.

Dominica Chua, chief operating officer of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) said Mega Cebu is not all about big projects.

She said it is about the change of behavior that enhances the livability of an area. She specifically mentioned about self-discipline like road courtesy and proper disposal of garbage so as not to contribute to flooding.

Chua said that by doing these simple things they have actually contributed to the “Mega Cebu Vision 2050,” which is Wholesome, Advanced, Vibrant, Equitable, and Sustainable (WAVES).

Activities are organized in all the 13 local government units (LGUs) covered by Metro Cebu in relation to the Mega Cebu month celebration.

Like last year, Chua said most of their activities are participated by the youth and businessmen.

She said the youth were actively involved in their activities as they are very active, idealistic and the initiative of the Mega Cebu is actually intended for them.

MCDCB is formed to answer common and pressing concerns in the Metro Cebu area like traffic and flooding, as well as crafting collective development plan for Cebu’s competitiveness.

Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, MCDCB co-chair and Cordova Mayor Adelino Sitoy were also present during the activity.

Rama said MCDCB is an anti-thesis to the highly politicized government system that is facing problems beyond political boundaries.