LGUs receive Php 241.546 million from Capitol in CY 2014-15  

The Cebu Provincial Government released Php 241,545,879.16 million of funds to the local government units (LGUs) in the province of Cebu from calendar year 2014 to March 2015.

The funds were utilized to finance the priority development projects and programs as embodied in the duly approved local development plan that directly supports the Philippine Development Plan and the Medium-Term Public Investment Program.

Infrastructure and development got the biggest share of the downloaded funds at 70.91% or Php 171.268 million, Environmental Protection and Risk Reduction was second with 15.18% or Php 36.679 million, health and social services at 9.39% with Php 22.671 million released, countryside development stands at 3.33% or Php 8.05 million and educational and vocational training got 1.19% of the funds with Php 2.878 million.

All the funded projects aim to contribute to the attainment of the Six Key Development Agenda namely Health and Social Services, Health and Social Services, Education and Technical Vocational Training, Environmental Protection, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management, Infrastructure Development, Tourism and Investment Promotion, Law and order.

The bulk of the funds or 75.4% came from the Office of the Provincial Governor in the amount of Php 182.06 Million, Office of the Vice Governor spent Php 12.58 Million or 5.21% and the Office of the Sanguniang Panlalawigan with Php 46.91 Million or 19.42%.

Around 99 percent of the funds were downloaded or spent for the projects and programs to the LGUs. The remaining three (3) percent was used to purchase vehicles such as multicabs and emergency cars for the component cities and towns including barangays.

The following has been funded according to the Development Programs of the Province of Cebu CY 2014 – 2015:

Infrastructure Development Php 171,268.247,91 (70.91%)
Road Rehabilitation Php 62,206,568.89 (36.32%)
b.  Buildings Php 47,041,182  (27.47%)
c.  Other Structures Php 27,950,540  (16.32%)
d. Water System Php 17,243,098.67 (10.07%)
Electrification Project Php 9,538,858.35 (5.57%)
f. Heavy Equipment Php 7,288,000      (4.26%)
Environmental Protection and Risk Reduction Program Php 36,678,716.25 (15.18%)
Flood Control and Drainage Php 12,386,908 (33.77%)
Materials and Equipment Php 10,713,000 (29.21%)
c.  Land and Land Improvements Php 9,005,000 (24.55%)
d. Evacuation and other Related Centers Php 4,573,808.25 (12.47%)
 Health and Social Services Php 22,670,915 (9.39%)
Medical and other Related Equipment Php 15,860,000 (69.96%)
b. Health and Daycare Centers Php 6,810,915 (30.04%)
Countryside Development Php 8,050,000 M (3.33%)
Farm to Market Road Php 5,765,000 (71.61%)
Livelihood Program Php 260,000 (3.23%)
Farmers’ Training Center Php 865,000 (10.75%)
d. Land and Land Improvements Php 760,000 (9.44%)
e. Eco Tourism Php 350,000 (4.35%)
f.  Farm Tools and other Related Equipment Php 50,000 (0.62%)
5. Education, Technical and Vocational Training Php 2,878,000 (1.19%)
School Buildings Php 1,565,000 (54.38%)
Education and Vocational Equipment Php 1,213,000  (45.62%) 
Total Financial Assistance Php 241,545,879.16 (100%)

EXCEL DOC [SOURCE AIP 2014 Financial Assistance]