Leukemia patient gets married

A leukemia patient exchanged vows with long-time boyfriend yesterday at the Isidro C. Kintanar Memorial Hospital (ICKMH) in Argao, Cebu.

Maria Vina Camposo, 27, an employee in town’s municipal hall, got her wish to have a priest-administered marriage with Junielou Corporales, 26, granted.

Camposo was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia last October 2013. She was told her life would only last for six months if she won’t undergo chemotherapy.

Due to financial incapacity, Camposo and her family couldn’t afford chemotherapy and underwent monthly blood transfusion instead. Her co-employees chipped in to help in the financial needs.

Initially planned church wedding didn’t push through due to numerous requirements and Camposo’s constant trips to the hospital, shared Joy Sarmago, Argao’s tourism officer and close colleague of Camposo.

The church wedding was supposed to happen last May 10. But Camposo was rushed to Cebu Velez General Hospital due to high fever. Since alternative medicines didn’t work, Sarmago suggested proceeding with chemotherapy. However, Camposo’s doctor declined saying it was already too late for the therapy and sent Camposo back to Argao.

“We are praying for a miracle na lang,” said Sarmago.

Camposo’s co-employees joined hands and decided to push the wedding before it’s too late. One asked Argao’s parish priest to administer the wedding during ICKMH’s monthly mass and processed all the necessary documents. Sydney Villamora, one of Argao’s best designers and make-up artists, provided the bride’s wedding gown for free. While the others contributed some amounts for the wedding cake and bouquet.

Sarmago recalled many witnessed the wedding and were touched saying it was a living proof of true love.

“I was sitting behind the couple and I could see and hear Junielou constantly asking Vina if she was feeling okay. They both looked so happy and at peace,” shared Sarmago.

“I have seen with my own eyes an act of true love – the sweetest, yet most painful send-off. It must be the most meaningful union of souls ever,” shared Finbarr Lucero in his Facebook post.

In his Facebook account, Ace Elevera expressed that “true love really exists. I honor this guy (Corporales) for showing us what true love really means.”