Japan disaster-proof architecture on exhibit at Museo Sugbo

International statistics show that the Philippines is one of the countries that is most hazard-prone and most exposed to tropical storms in the world.

Last year, the Visayas suffered two major calamities: a massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake in October followed by super typhoon Yolanda in November, the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record.

Just in time of the typhoon Yolanda commemoration, Museo Sugbo launched an exhibit on Japanese Sustainable Emergency Architecture for Disaster on November 8. It will run until December 12.

The exhibit is in collaboration with the Visayas Association of Museums and Galleries, Inc., University of Shiga Prefecture, and Japanese Foundation Exhibitions Abroad Support Program.

It features Emergency Architecture Designs created by University of Shiga Prefecture Professor Juan Ramon Jimenez Verdejo and his architecture students after a tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago.

Japan’s susceptibility to natural disasters is the inspiration of this exhibit.

Resiliency and preparedness

The exhibit shows that governments across the region can no longer afford to consider such events individually. The need for a more comprehensive and systemic approach to building resilience intensifies.

Resilience means the capacity to withstand, adapt and recover from natural disasters or other major crises so that people can continue with their lives.

Preparedness will save both lives and costs in the future.

Minimalist, durable and sustainable

The primary needs after a calamity is evacuation sites and suitable shelters but these are usually faced with issues, especially related location and materials for construction.

In this exhibit, the architectural designs presented can be easily constructed and building materials are obtainable.

Generally, designs are in minimalist style but durable and more importantly, sustainable.

The architects portray resiliency relevant to the needs of Task Force “Paglig-on” created by the Province spearheaded by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office.

The launching ceremony was led by Jobella Davide, first lady of the Province of Cebu, University of Shiga Prefecture Professor Juan Ramon Jimenez Verdejo and Provincial Tourism Office Head, Grace Paulino. (Masi Cabanes/Heart Rizarri)